23 September 2017

Lauzun Legion (Minden Prussian) Hussars Freshly Rebased!!!

Here's the two-squadron regiment of hussars on their new 40mm wide x 50mm deep bases.

The Litko bases arrived in record time with the mail today.  Late this afternoon, I set about painting them.  After dinner and the Young Master's bedtime (we are working our way through a wonderful National Geographic for Kids book on insects, spiders, and other assorted creepy crawlies) I returned to detach the Minden figures carefully from their old unpainted illustration board bases, touch up the edges, and finally cement each rider and horse in place on their new (and F-I-N-A-L) bases.  

I am very pleased with the outcome and will add a couple of additional trumpeters, already in the leadpile, to the flanks of the two squadrons at some point in the not too distant future, eventually raising the regimental strength to 32 men and horses.  Tomorrow, I'll tackle basing the ten completed artillery crews. 

And now I am off to play a game or two of Yahtzi with the Grand Duchess and enjoy a glass or three of a new wine -- a red Zinfandel -- she picked up today while out running some Saturday errands. 

-- Stokes

Unusually, the dice gods were with me, and I was on fire for the first game of Yahtzi last night, while The Grand Duchess easily won the second game.  The wine was rather mellow, reminding me odd of a Merlot.  Sadly, we conked out by about 11:30 and retired upstairs.  What a couple of lightweights we are!  However, I discovered new episodes of Call the Midwife (Season Six) on Netflix and watched two (and looked over Prussian hussar uniforms) before giving up the ghost and turning out the bedside lamp.  

You know, I have 30 or so RSM95 Prussian hussars that might look really nice, albeit understated, painted as the 6th (von Wechmar) Hussars.  This, of course, is a very dangerous thought since at one time I believe I might have sworn publicly that I would never again paint a unit of hussars.


Duke of Baylen said...

The Hussars look the business on their new bases with the horses and hussars at full stretch.
Have fun adding the trumpeters.

all the best

Duke of Baylen

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich, Greetings,

As I look at your wonderful collection of cavalry figures the question does arise as to whether or not you will paint dismounted figures for them? That would increase your work obviously but would also give you the option of playing some smaller actions on the outpost lines, provide garrisons for strong points, etc.

All the best and we hope that you did not neat the Grand Duchess too badly in your Yahtzee game!


Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Jacko said...

Love the colours !


Stryker said...

Very, very smart!

David Bagnall said...

Are you aware that Revell have re released their Seven Years War figures? I bought some recently and they brought back some very happy memories! Just thought you might like to know. I must add that I live in England so this may not be the case where you are. All the best,
David Bagnall

Chris Gregg said...

Those Lauzun chaps look fantastic! Wot, never paint another Hussar? Such words should never pass the lips (or typing finger) of such a wargamer as your goodself.


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