08 September 2017

Flickenhoffer Fusiliers Rebased!

Zichenau's Flicknhoffer Fusiliers freshly rebased, and with the former fourth company hived off to a newly raised composite regiment just beyond.  As usual, these two regiments await the issue of two new standards and two new standard bearers each (Minden or RSM95), so the current ensigns have not been glued down but included merely for the sake of the photograph.

There is no denying that organization and a bit of drive help to get things done.  I'm just breezing through the "To Do" list today.  Rather unusual for a Friday, but you've got to strike while the iron is hot.  Someone remind me of this in about six weeks when it will already be Midterm, and I'll be mired in the figurative sludge of the semester.


To answer a couple of questions from Gerardus Magnus. . .  Yes, the current rebasing efforts are meant to impart a more consistent, finished look to everything that has been painted during the last 11 years.  Long-time visitors might recall that I started out with totally unbased figures, but as the armies grew, moving several hundred  or more in a game became too time consuming.  So, the decision to move in the direction of multiple bases was made in 2012 or '13 during my refight of The Battle of the Elbow River.  

I've always thought the base dimensions laid out for line infantry in Peter Gilder's In The Grand Manner rules captured the closely packed horse and musket appearance that I sought for many, many years.  Blame photographs of the late Mr. Gilder's and Doug Mason's figures in early issues of Miniature Wargames, which I first stumbled across way back in the early 1980s as a callow youth.  Now, I don't listen to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest quite so much anymore, but those photographs, in particular (of 25mm British, French, Austrian, and Bavarian Napoleonics) continue to be one of several hobby touchstones that I turn to again and again.

Second, yes, as you'll see above the newly formed composite regiment at the rear of the photograph is made up entirely of previously painted figures.  It includes a company of Kurmainz Grenadiers along with some vaguely French looking figures at center, who also comprise some of the regimental staff (along with two Hanovarian officers on foot) and some Prussian fusiliers painted originally in white uniforms as part of the Flickenhoffer Fusiliers about six or  seven years ago.  All figures are from RSM95.  

At some point down the road, I might repaint the French and Prussian fusiliers, and provide them with more or less h1storic uniforms, but there are quite a few infantry and cavalry in the lead pile to take care of before I start thinking seriously about repainting anything.  All things being equal, and assuming my health remains pretty good, I figure I've got about 20 years or so of figure painting left in me.  Unless of course we all become cyborgs in the meantime, and then who knows?  In any case, given my fairly modest painting output these last several years, I've got to finish what's already here in all good conscience.

-- Stokes


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Reorganising units is a joy all of its own - I look forward to seeing them! -- Stryker

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings! Your decision to rebase is an interesting one. Does this portend a wholesale re-basing effort for both of your armies? A second question: are the two aforementioned independent companies painted? From whence will your regimental staff be drawn? Hoping that the cool, early fall weather continues to invigorate your painting efforts, I remain, Cordially, Gerardus Magnus Archbishop Emeritus -- CeltcCurmudgeon


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