15 September 2017

First Cavalry Regiment Is Rebased!!!

The 4th (Trakehnen) Dragoons, my first ever cavalry regiment made up of Revell Austrian dragoons painted way back in February and March of 2007, on brand-spanking new multiple 3mm ply, laser-cut bases from Litko.

Well, after a few nights off, I got right back into the rebasing fray and began with the existing cavalry arm.  First off, a unit of 1/72 plastics that I completed during the late winter of 2007.  

The Litko 3mm ply bases measure 40mm wide x 45mm deep, in keeping with the dimensions suggested for close order cavalry in the rule set In the Grand Manner by the late Peter Gilder.  As I mentioned in a previous rebasing post, these have always looked right to me in the many photographs of his collections that I have scrutinized over the years in old issues of Military Modelling, Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated.  What I have always aimed to do these last 11 years, though it is only just now coming together, is to combine the very best visual features of Young and Lawford's, the Grants', and Gilder's approaches to horse and musket wargaming while at the same time imparting my stamp on the subject.  

We're just about there I think although there are several years of painting to get through before we can call things done (ha, ha, ha. . .).  The armies I envision will number 7-10 units of line infantry each, one or two of jaegers/grenzers/Croats, 4-5 of cavalry, along with several two-gun batteries of artillery.  The third arm is actually all done (guns crews, and limber teams) waiting only for the gun crews to be fixed to permanent bases.  And of course there is the famous supply train along with the pontoon train, pontooniers, pioneers, civilians, suttleresses and other camp followers, command vignettes of various types, etc.  All finished for some while now.

Still quite a bit of cavalry and infantry to complete though in light of last year's 50th birthday purchasing-orgy of cavalry castings from RSM95, Eureka and Minden.  I also  took a bunch of unpainted, unwanted, and unloved Minden Austrians and Prussians off the hands of a friend in Belgium for a reasonable price last winter, so the leadpile should keep me busy for the next several yeas I think.  Especially in light of my much reduced painting output these last couple of years or so.  The end product should be a rather nice mid-18th century force when it is finally finished.  That's getting a bit ahead of myself, of course, but I am reasonably certain that there will be more gray in my hair before everything is painted and based.  But the journey is half the fun, right?

Returning to the 30-figure unit of dragoons above for a moment, the regiment itself has been reconfigured as a two-squadron unit with two full ranks and a partial third of one officer and three NCOs.  One of the front rank figures in the far squadron will be replaced with another guidon bearer carrying the white colonel's color before long.  For the sake of the photograph, however, said trooper remains with his fellows albeit uncemented to the base in question for later ease of decommissioning.  

Tomorrow (Saturday), I'll either rebase a unit of RSM95 Austrian cuirassiers, or a regiment of Holger Eriksson dragoons depending on how the spirit seizes me in the morning.  Giddy up!

-- Stokes

Incidentally, this post is #1500 since I began this blog way back in August of 2006.  Since then, I've nattered incessantly on about painting and playing with toy soldiers, terrain, scenery, tables, scratch-built houses, favorite hobby-related books, magazines, and personalities, plus a game now and then as well as a variety of non-wargaming related fluff as and when the mood struck (skiing, camping, bicycling, child-rearing and fatherhood, occasional travel to foreign parts, house moves, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseam).  Which is really just a round about way of saying thank you for being a part of The Grand Duchy of Stollen experience.  There's still a bit of life in the ol' boy yet I think.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Those dragoons look very nice!

Wellington Man said...

Now that is a proper cavalry regiment.

Your troops are just lovely, Stokes. I'm not yet three years into my wargaming odyssey, but it feels like 10! Interestingly I've hit upon more or less identical unit ratios, but I'm not sure what the limit is going to be yet. As you say, it's all about the journey.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich, Greetings!

How wonderful to hear that you've gotten to start rebasing the cavalry for your exiting forces. The ultimate goals of increased army size are doable and allow for all sorts of possibilities including the raising of a mercenary regiment or two. You might even think about outfitting a regiment of "Wild Geese" who might wear either red or green uniform coats.
Your mention of the supply train raises the question of whether something like that can ever be finished completely as more kits are available. Have you thought about raising some sort of generic siege train which might be used by either side by employing the simple expedient of raising two sets of gunners?
One last query: did you ever build walls for your wonderful generic town? A siege of that worthy center of 18th century living might be fun and just might be the backdrop and raison for other games such as a relief operation, cavalry raids against the enemy's supply lines, or even a full fledged siege game.
In any event the members of the staff join me in wishing you much enjoyment in all your future gaming endeavors.
Best wishes for a new and fun-filled gaming season!
Your servant,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Chris Kemp said...

Very smart fellows on their new bases! Please do keep on nattering for another 1500 posts.

Kind regards, Chris.

Stryker said...

Another terrific unit and once again those bases really show the figures off perfectly!


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