01 July 2017

Back in the Painting Saddle Again. . .




Well, if our G.D. internet connection were more cooperative -- a problem for the last two blasted days -- I'd have a bit more to write here.  Suffice to say, I will start on the first squadron of an eventual two-squadron regiment of RSM95 heavy cavalry in bearskins later today by gluing riders onto horses and, hopefully, getting white acrylic gesso basecoat on at least some of them.  While I might still paint one squadron in dark blue, I'll definitely paint one in red, based on either Bavarian or Wurttemburg heavy cavalry of the mid-18th century.  It's simply too good a temptation to resist, and about the only way I'll ever get a unit approaching the dramatic Scots Greys on the table given my mid-18th century, semi-fictitious, quasi-Germanic focus.  The Grand Duchy of Stollen is, after all, rather far away from the plains of Belgium!

-- Stokes

Later. . .
Righty-oh!  Riders have been glued into place, right arms repositioned since the figures are cast with sheathed (scabarded???) swords, and everything has been cemented onto pair-sized bases according to In the Grand Manner dimensions (40mm x 45mm).  Photograph to follow later if our internet connection cooperates, damn its eyes!


Wellington Man said...

Hurrah! Painting soldiers is what you were born for, Stokes!
Very glad to see you back in the painting saddle. Clippity Clop. Or should that be slippity slop?

william walker said...

The Reich Duke looks forward to reviewing these brave lads...captbill


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