27 June 2017

The Baltic German Town Center on a Bright(-er) Day. . .

 A half-timbered, or fachwerk, house.

A delightful couple of hours spent this late morning and early afternoon tweaking the construction of my foamcore lightbox and then taking a slew of better-lighted photographs of the recently completed model buildings.  While some a re rather good, others need to be reshot.  I've tried three-point lighting, but that still leaves shadows and certain important details in the darkness, so a fourth source of diffused light, probably positioned behind the camera and  bounced off the ceiling of the lightbox, will solve the problem.  Stay tuned.  

By the way, the Young Master, who returned Sunday evening from 10 days visiting his grandparents in Seattle, approves of Dad's recent construction boom.  We're planning a very simple Featherstonian-type wargame this weekend using his soldiers that he received last Christmas.  A few of the buildings here just might make an appearance.  Can't wait!

-- Stokes

 Another half-timbered house.

The Duke of Brunswick Gasthaus.  No trouble figuring out what goes on here.

A better photograph of the sign hanging above the door into the pub and inn.

The more interesting front half of Das Heiligen-Geist-Hospital, or The Hospital of the Holy Spirit.

The local Latin school, or Lateinschule. 

Das Rathaus, or town hall.

Die Universität, or as we like to call it in English, the university.

Das Waisenhaus, or town orphanage.  And just what are those two ladies with the generous decolletage doing outside an orphanage??!!

Two more half-timbered houses.  The timbering on all four of these was done with a combination of magic marker, colored pencils, and crayon.

And finally, das Zollhaus or the custom house where duty is collected on all goods entering town, and paperwork is processed for all imports and exports.  It's almost Kafkaesque!


Paul Liddle said...

Good job Stokes, very good indeed!.

Der Alte Fritz said...

A mighty fine collection of buildings there. Amazing what you can do with marking pens, pencils and crayons RE the half timber buildings


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

You are to be congratulated on how this project has turned out ! , Tony

Wellington Man said...

What can I say? Wonderful! Thanks for posting, Stokes.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you everyone for your very kind and generous comments. I'm so pleased with the way everything has turned out, that I'm almost ready to have a go at scratch-building another half a dozen buildings.

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

I agree, excellent work on the building project.
The buildings and figures compliment each other very!

Conrad Kinch said...

They look magnificent Stokes. Reminds me of a very happy time spent in Goslar, Germany.

Can a fortress be far behind?

Chris Gregg said...

A ver impressive and authentic looking collection. You have recreated the character one associates with those very early Grant buildings

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, men! I think it's the colors (off white, tan, yellow ochre, and rusty brown-red), the underscale size, and perhaps the rooflins of certain buildings that call the original Grant structures immediately to mind. That, and the fairly simple door and window treatments. No matter. I wear my influences loudly and proudly, though I also hope that I have managed to impart some of my own vision to these models.

Best Regards,


Paul Robinson said...

they are just such a wonderful back drop for your figures. excellent.

Stryker said...

A really superb job!

warpaintjj said...

Very attractive properties on display here, I should know - I sell houses in the UK!
So who made the burly barman & superwoman carrying 6 steins of pils?
Excellent work, enjoy your game.
Best wishes,

Robbie Rodiss said...

You should be very proud of your achievements, they are lovely buildings, well done.

Big Andy said...

Its no good I'll have to start building again!! I do like the style of those.

Paul Howes said...

You can never have to many good looking buildings, Bravo! BB

Simon Millar said...

Fabulous building Stokes.

Duke of Baylen said...

Dear Stokes,

I do love the appearance of your figures and the buildings seem to set them off to advantage.
Those rooflines do look tricky but it's paid dividends.

all the best,


phann son said...

they are just such a wonderful back drop for your figures. excellent.

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phann son said...

A ver impressive and authentic looking collection. You have recreated the character one associates with those very early Grant buildings

Gclub จีคลับ

Goodman12 said...

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