06 June 2017

Baltic Town Construction Update. . .

The near-finished front half of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit with a couple of unpainted Minden laborers to provide a better idea of the size of this building model.

Avoiding doing other things this morning by adding on a few additional details to the decidedly medieval Hospital of the Holy Sprit model.  Just a few tiny things to finish on this structure along with the rathaus spire, requiring a quick trip to the local arts and crafts and DIY big-box stores, and then I can start painting all of this.  And now, I suppose, I had better actually do something productive in that real life kind of way.  Sigh.

-- Stokes

 The color palette -- very pale blue, pink, yellow, and yellow ochre plus light gray and turquois/verdigris among others --  I'll work with plus a few other necessary supplies to finish the Baltic German town center project.  Burnt Sienna mixed with some white makes an effective brick red color that approximates nicely the red brick architecture found in the north of Germany and along other parts of the Baltic coast.  I'll use some tan acrylic (not shown) to tone down the turquoise slightly before applying it to the spires above as well as the rathaus spire.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Real life? I'm confused. I thought this sort of thing WAS real life!

Peter Douglas said...

Looks fantastic so far. Love the spires.



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