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A Shameless Plug. . .

A musketeer of the Blau Wurzburg Infantry.  I'll be painting up conjectural flags to go with a regiment of 80 figures already in the GD of S collection, who sport a strikingly similar uniform.

Just a quick post to plug Fife & Drum Miniatures for those of you who are not yet converts to this particular range of figures.  Easily some of the nicest, most cleanly molded and best proportioned mid-18th century models on the market.  

A rather large order of Minden Austrian infantry and some Russian cannon with crew arrived today, part of a (late) 50th birthday present to myself.  Everything was packaged (taped into bubble wrap and with foam peanuts surrounding everything), labelled very carefully by proprietor Jim "Der Alte Fritz" Purky, and it arrived safely just a couple of days after the order was filled and sent.  Now all I need is the time to paint them.  

In any case, these are the miniatures you want for the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War in my view.  If the mid-late 18th century is your thing, you cannot go wrong with these particular figuresAnd of course they work well with those by RSM95, Crann Tara, Eureka, and the Fife & Drum American War of Independence range too.

On another note entirely, the three of us managed to get out on skis or a while early this afternoon.  It was a perfect day for it here in Mid-Michigan with cold temperatures, powdery snow, and almost no one else around save for one woman who passed by us twice, said hello, and skied on her way.  Just quiet woods, an occasional breeze in the trees, and stillness all around.  One of my most favorite things to do.  

The Young Master is coming along nicely too.  Not exactly fast yet, but he has the diagonal stride of classic Nordic skiing down, can glide forward, climb hills, and schuss down the other side without falling.  Not bad for only two previous winters on skis.  Not bad at all. 

-- Stokes

The Grand Duchess and Young Master on skis earlier this afternoon.


Peter Douglas said…
I've drooled over the Minden range often , but have bitten yet. Exchange and postage rates mean that Perrys AWI range (also highly recommended) are by far the more economical option. I'm looking forward to seeing your next regiment.
tradgardmastare said…
Great photo there, ski troopers in the making...
All is dreich here in Tradgardland where I would love to see some proper snow fall.
Simon Millar said…
I'm in 100% agreement with you Stokes, that the Fife & Drum / Minden Miniatures along with Crann Tara and RSM are THE figures for the mid-eighteenth century. Great to see that you're out skiing again.
Neil Moulden said…
Do we have a American Petter Northug in the making?
Ha! No, Vegard Ullvang rather. ;-)

Best Regards,


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