26 December 2016

Happy Feast of Stephen. . .

One versions of the Uhlans des Saxe for yours truly to daydream about in the coming year of cavalry painting and basing.  The Grand Duchee presented yours truly with a unit of Minden Lanciers de Saxe for Christmas this year.

"Happy Day After!" as my much missed maternal grandfather used to say while sipping his scotch and water before an open woodfire on the hearth (we enjoyed two working fireplaces at my grandparents' place).  

It has been a peaceful, quiet few days here at Totleigh-in-theWold.  Christmas Eve saw us attend a church service at the Episcopal church just down the road from us, and the Young Master did remarkably well through the the hour-plus "family" service at 5pm.  He has never experienced a church service before, and given the challenges he faces day-to-day, we weren't sure how things would go.  But well he did, and we came home to supper and reading Clement C. Moore's The Night Before Christmas before YMP, his teddy bear, and Miss Kitty went to bed so that Santa Claus could stop by in the middle of the night long after the three of us were sound asleep.  

Christmas Day and today have been full of more than enough rich food, telephone calls to and from family, seasonal music, gifts, and enjoying each others' company.  I hope for some time to myself to sit down and do a few hobby-related things, but thus far, Legos, assembly of several gifts the Young Master received, and other father-son activities have taken precedence.  Here's to a Christmas Week that continues in a quiet, peaceful, and happy vein.

-- Stokes


Conrad Kinch said...

Sounds delightful stokes - merry Christmas to you all.

I achieve the ultimate Mark of fatherhood - socks for Christmas!

Paul Robinson said...

glad you had a good Christmas Stokes. Lego building - used to enjoy that too with my kids.

Paul Robinson said...

sounds like you had a good Christmas Stokes.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings!

The holy days have engaged our attention and have included a small service here at the chapel for members of my immediate family. Like you I have received the noteworthy gift of socks - among other things - and engaged in a flurry of retail present purchases. Perhaps, as my new puppy begins to learn the rules regarding life here at the chancellery, I can squeeze in some well anticipated hobby time.

In looking at your figures the question does come to mind if you are contemplating some actions from Le Guerre Petite, some pure cavalry engagements or actions utilizing just you light troops. And if you have dismounted dragoons, they too can play a role.

Have a wonderful holiday season with your lovely family. Happy New Years!

With deepest regard, I remain,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus


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