20 December 2016

German Cavalry Regiments in Bearskin Bonnets. . .

The Royale Allemond Cavalerie, one of three German heavy cavalry regiments serving in the pre-revolutionary French army.  This and two of the following three illustrations have been swiped from Kronoskaf. 

Fired with enthusiasm for those RSM95 French cuirassiers in bearskins, I have been paging through my books and looking around online for possible uniforms to approximate.  I've (possibly) narrowed it down to these four and might even paint a troop of each since my fictitious regiment will be made up of contingents from some o the smaller principalities contiguous to the Grand Duchy of Stollen and the Electorate of Zichenau.  See what you think.  I suppose that I should also have a look at my Hans Blackwenn volume on the Reichsarmee.

-- Stokes

The Nassau-Sarrebruek Cavalerie.

 The Wurttemburg Cavalerie.  I like this uniform a lot.

Last, but not least, my personal favorite, the Leib Grenadiers a Cheval from Wurttemburg.


Peter Douglas said...

All lovely Stokes. I like the Naussau Saarbruken one's best but the Wurtembergers in red are snappy roo.

Wellington Man said...

I am really looking forward to these, HU!

Pierre le Poilu said...

A great choice of uniforms - my favourite is the Royale Allemand, but a regiment of all four would look terrific.

Paul Robinson said...

they're all nice and would look stunning on the tabletop. However, a mixed formation of different squadrons would have quite a dramatic appeal.

Simon Millar said...

The Württemberg uniform will look great and I like the idea by Pierre and Paul for a regiment with a mix of squadrons. Not an easy choice; have fun making it though.
All the best, Simon

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Some dashing Cavaliers. Didn't Fitzjames adopt Bearskins for the SYW? Red faced blue our.
I also like a mixed regiment.
Whichever you choose doing 1 squadron sounds like a good way to go. With limited time it would be rewarding to get a whole subunit done and table ready.


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