30 December 2016

2016: The Year That Was. . .

A decidedly old-fashioned,  quiet, and sedate New Year's greeting card.
How did we do hobby-wise during the year almost ended here in The Grand Duchy of Stollen?  Well, hobby time was scarce, so I kept goals and activities fairly modest and low key.  Besides the Battle of Doltz, fought during August and September, the goals laid out in early January 2016 were thus:

1) Finish the latter half that monster 80-figure infantry regiment I began in January 2015.  Another 40 figures or so. -- Done!

2) Paint the four Minden SYW personality figures, Russian artillery crew, and two Russian guns (a cannon and howitzer) I received from the Grand Duchess and Young Master for Christmas 2015. -- Not achieved.  Perhaps, I can use these as small side-projects between the larger cavalry units on the agenda for 2017?

3) Paint limbers, four-horse teams, and limber riders for the approximately one dozen cannon in my two 25-30mm imaginary mid-18th century armies, the Army of Stollen and its nemesis the Army of Zichenau. -- Done!

4) Finish painting a series of female camp followers (laundresses, ladies of ill-repute, and a Lutheran pastor who has his work cut out or him) that have been languishing in my "to do" pile for the last 18 months or so.  These are mostly Suren 'Willie' 30mm figures with one or two from Black Hussar Miniatures. -- Done!

5) If time, replace my 25mm MiniFig standard bearers in my infantry units with pairs of Minden standard bearers, which were purchased in early 2015 and have also languished in the "to do" pile, along with some Front Rank cords and finials along with lengths of brass rod, ever since. -- Pending.

As you can see, not necessarily stellar, but things got finished, albeit slowly, and I spent some enjoyable hours plugging away at the various facets of my wargaming hobby, so I'm pleased with the way 2016 went.  So, what's the painting plan for 2017 look like?  Glad you asked.  Here it is:

1) Start and finish four infantry drummers, 11 infantry standard bears, and four-six cavalry standard or guidon bearers to add to existing units or replace existing ones.

2) 30 Eureka Saxon Cuirassiers  

3) 30 RSM95 French Cuirassiers in Bearskins 

4) 30 rsm95 Prussian dragoons

5) 30 RSM95 Prussian hussars  

6) 30 Minden Uhlans de Saxe

7) Four Minden Mounted Personality Figures (Fermor, et al given to me for Christmas 2015)  

A lot of metal to paint.  Yep.  Ambitious?  Heck yeah!  But I'm going to give it my best shot.  Let's see how it goes.  Happy New Year everyone!

-- Stokes 

Here they are!  Those pesky Minden Prussian limbers, riders, and teams getting their coats of Liquitex acrylic high gloss late in the afternoon of December 30, 2016.  I started these in August of this year.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

A Happy New Year to you and yours , Tony

tradgardmastare said...

Give you joy of your new journal which arrived in Tradgardland over night, not to mention 2017!

Simon Millar said...

A very Happy and Peaceful New Year to you all.
Best, Simon

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

Happy New Year. A shame I haven't been around to enjoy it. I must get back to my figures (and more importantly ships) immediately!

warpaintjj said...

Happy New Year again!
That's pretty ambitous, good luck with it.
Best wishes for 2017,


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