15 November 2016

Note: A Gift to Self. . .

 The "Oh, you are so awful!" vignette from Eureka Miniatures. . .  THE very figure to represent the libidinous English ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Stollen, Lord Algernon Fortescue de Rumpey-Pumpey, belonging to a Sussex family of Hugenot stock.  Although unpainted, Lady Rumpey-Pumpey at left does not looked at all pleased by her husband's cavorting with Lottie the Charwoman, who they brought with them from Sussex to that most cosmopolitan of backwaters, as the Grand Duke is so fond of observing, Krankenstadt, the capital of Stollen.  The scornful looking Stollenian gentleman at far left must surely be thinking to himself, "Tutt, tutt. . .  So, THAT'S how they do things in Sussex!" .

In view of a certain 29th birthday I celebrated recently (Yes, THAT one, of which I am now on the wrong side.), I took the opportunity to add a few items from Eureka Miniatures to the ol' pile of lead, including a 30-strong regiment of Saxon cuirassiers -- I've set aside 2017 as a year to add mainly to my cavalry arm -- and a delightfully prurient civilian vignette.  

The rest of the order arrived in the mail yesterday from Eureka Miniatures USA.  Great communication and customer service from Rob by the way.  He had to order in a number of horses and cuirassier troopers all the way from Oz for me.  To say I am excited to finish the final few items for this year and get started on these in January 2017 is putting it mildly.  

I also have a solo game planned for December, just as soon as the fall semester ends, in which I play-test a new set of old school rules based on the work of the hobby greats, including Don Featherstone, the Grants, Wesencraft, et al.  Until then, I'll have fun daydreaming all about it.

-- Stokes

The Saxon cuirassier kettle drummer.  I now have one like him plus 29 other cuirassier trumpeters, officers, standard bearers, and troopers for a two-squadron regiment.

A Thursday P.S.
I've spent the last few weeks mulling over the additional cavalry figures I might add to the collection next year, and I think, I have reached a decision.  Although this could always change before I pull the trigger and submit an order.  But I'm leaning toward another three two-squadron units of 30 figures and horse each, and I'll probably go with Minden figures (Prussian dragoons specifically).  

Not exactly cheap, but most people only round the half-century mark once, so I'm splurging (yes, blatant conspicuous consumption and all that, blah, blah, blah. . . ).  If I am around in 50 years, I don't expect to be painting by that point, although who knows?  There might be a Cyborg Stokes by then with the eyesight and fine motor skills of a 20-year old.  And if that is the case, then why not continue painting and modelling?  You never know.  

Anyway, I like the colorful uniforms worn by the units of Saxon Chevauxleger (sp?) and the early Prussian dragoons in white before they switched to blue coats.  All of this will make for a nice, round two new brigades of cavalry when the Saxon cuirassiers above are added to the mix.  In the next few years, once the cavalry is done, a few more units of line infantry, finishing some odds and ends in the lead pile, and then I'll call the project done and simply enjoy playing with them and admiring them on the table.  

Of course, you know how that goes.  There ARE those Minden Russian infantry on the horizon, and Crann Tara has some nice things in its offerings, as do the Tradition and Wille lines, and good, old reasonably priced RSM95.  Oh, blast!  It looks like a terminal case manic obsession.  Cue Jimi Hendrix. . .

-- Stokes


Peter Douglas said...

Well done Stokes, now I need to gift myself too!

Lord RP looks a little rotund to take part in his name sake activity. Perhaps he'll need a special Chair like Eddie VII.

I love the Eureka stuff, but the cost of shipping to theorized north is often the same as the figures cost.
Maybe under your new Emporer Elect, things will improve trade wise.

Conrad Kinch said...

Congratulations Stokes. I'm sure you'll do these castings justice.

Cincinnatus said...

Can't wait to see them painted!

Robbie Rodiss said...

The Eureka cuirassiers are lovely figures, I would crack on with them immediately if I were you.

Phil said...

I like the eureka stuff too Stokes. Looking forward to seeing your paint on these.
Best regards.


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