13 October 2016

Thank you for your interest and support so far!!!

A special thanks to all of you who have gotten in touch with either Greg or myself so far.  We are excited about The Wargamer's Notebook, which will be e-mailed quarterly as a PDF to subscribers and contributors around the world.  Greg and I spent quite a bit of time discussing and planning it, and we hope it will take off.  I have it on extremely good authority, by the way, that the PDF will be high quality, so those who might prefer to do so can print out a copy, and it will look mighty good. Whether you are interested in subscribing, or possibly also contributing an article, get in touch with us forthwith via this email: wargamersnotebook@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, I've got to set up and fight the next battle, solo this time, in my ongoing campaign.  The table has been ready to go for a couple of weeks, but real life (i.e. work) has kept me pretty busy since then.  It's also time to make the push and finish the final remaining steps on the six Prussian limber teams that have been in-progress since August.  

And last of all, while there are a few small things left to paint before December and the Christmas Holidays are upon us, I have been thinking ahead to 2017.  It's time to beef up my cavalry arm, so besides rationalizing and rebasing my existing three-squadron regiments of 30 figures (of which I think there are six), reorganizing them as two-squadron regiments of 30 figures, I plan to paint nothing but cavalry units next year -- a squadron of 12 at a time -- plus the occasional small vignette when I need a break from the temptations of. . .  the horseflesh.  What can I say?  I am a weak, weak man.  Time to find and join a group of Model Equine Painters Anonymous I guess.

Until then, there are a few additional infantry drummers, replacement standard bearers, cavalry musicians, and guidon/standard bearers to address once the limbers are done.  Don't look now, but I might actually finish my 2016 painting plan for efore the end of the year.  Imagine that!  But I should look at the list of things to do for this year one more time before making any rash, statements I suppose.

-- Stokes 

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