01 September 2016

The Battle of Doltz: Turn 7. . .

 On the far eastern edge of the field, General de Latte's first squadron of Cuirassiers charged to contact with von Bauchschmerzen's Reiters while the second moved up in support.  In the artist's rendering above, we can also see that the remnants of von Bauchschmerzen's first squadron of Reiters has rallied some distance behind the second. 

Just before 1pm that afternoon, The Battle of Doltz entered a critical phase.  While General von Bauchschmerzen kept a cool head in his wicker carriage and awaited the final Zichenauer assault, General de Latte's plans began to come unraveled as he rashly ordered a general advance to contact, where possible, across his front.

-- Stokes

Meanwhile, de latte ordered his remaining men of the Ermland Garde to  charge the Stollenian guns and Leib Grenadiers atop the norther ridge just before the village of Doltz.

While on the western end of the field, two of the remaining three companies of General de Latte's Flickenhoffer Fusiliers  deployed into line and prepared to engage General von Bauchschmerzen's red-coated Hanseatic Regiment  in a long-range firefight.  Look closely in this photograph, and you'll see a drummer facing the wrong way in the middle distance.  I suspect that the Young Master, who has been forbidden to touch Dad's soliders when he is alone, is behind this development.  Clearly, he shares his father's quirky sense of humor.

To their left, de Latte's Provinces' Provisional Regiment prepared to break ranks and make their way through Hasenpfefferwald and, covered by the remaining Irish Grenzers and Warshawski Croats,  attack the Stollenian infantry on the other side.  Close by, General de Latte, Major di Biscotti, and their aides observed the machinations of their brigade.

By about a quarter past one, General de Latte's shattered squadron of hussars could be seen  making their way to the rear of his position to lick their wounds and possibly return to the fray later.


Paul Robinson said...

Have really enjoyed following this series of posts.

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

"Pour it on boys! Nice and hot!"

Attributed to von Bauchschmerzen at the height of the battle though there is some dispute as to whether it was aimed at the troops or his servants.

Der Alte Fritz said...

What a wonderful looking game, Stokes. The figures show off nicely against the new terrain mats ( a great improvement) . I especially like the fourth picture with the officer grouping.

You should make an Amadeus vignette with him either on horse or foot while Hives holds an umbrella over his head to shade his gentle complexion from the sun. 😄


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank , men, for you kind remarks and observations. I must agree that the terrain mats and fields have really brought everything together in the nicest way. I'll shortly make another order to Eric Hotz for a couple of unpaved road sets, which will really be the cherry on top. I've already found some very nice (and very WIDE) river mats to purchase for a future river crossing scenario by one C.S. Grant.

Best Regards,


Wellington Man said...

Superbly done, Stokes. I for one thought your grant-esque terrain was very fine, but the new look is also splendid. Keep up the good work!


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