03 August 2016

Troops Take Final Opening Positions. . .

 General de Latte's right flank.  His croats and grenzers are beginning to move through Hasenpfefferwald toward the Stollenian left flank.

Meanwhile, way over on his left flank at the western end of the battlefield, de Latte has massed his cavalry in three lines.

 Despite his terminal tummy troubles, General von Bauchschmerzen has not been idle either.  He too has decided to place his Corps of Jaegers on the eastern end of his lines to protect his left flank.  But have they yet detected any enemy movement in Hasenpfefferwald?

And on his right flank, General von Bauchschmerzen has massed his two squadrons of Reiters on the ridge above the valley.

As the early morning mist cleared across the battlefield, the initial positions of their respective armies became clearer to the two generals, who glowered across the field at each other through their respective spyglasses.

On the southern side of the battlefield, General de Latte snapped his spyglass shut and said to his immediate subordinate, "Major di Biscotti?  Another demitasse of that French press coffee for which you are so renowned!"

Meanwhile, across the field on the northern ridge, General von Bauchschmerzen allowed his head to loll, wondered silently to himself "Why Elba?" and then asked of no on in particular, "Gentlemen, a bowl of warm milk with crushed saltines stirred into it, please."

-- Stokes

Oddly, the various camp followers behind the Zichenauer lines around the village of Bumpfkinzort seem oblivious to the coming battle and continue, blissfully unaware, with their morning commerce.

The Stollenian Prinz Johannes' Corps of Jaegers on newly finished multiple 60mm x 40mm bases.  These figures are part of a 31-man unit (used in the famous Sittangbad refight staged at Partizan 2006) that was purchased from John Preece last winter.  I added the two marching officers on either side of the mounted CO at far left.  There is no arguing that these 30mm Holger Eriksson figures, while not hyper-detailed, exhibit a terrific degree of charisma.  I am still extremely tickled and pleased to have them as part of my collection now.

And upstairs, the quasi-medieval Battle of Hasenpfeffer rages while Catzilla knoshes at right.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings!

Such a stirring sight! The spirit is well served when given a chance to enjoy the first few steps of a battle with toy soldiers.

And how is the young sir? He looks to be enjoying the spectacle laid out in front of him.

Enjoy the waning days of summer with many an hour spent on the battlefield!

With all honor and respect,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Conrad Kinch said...

That young man seems to have an admirable grasp of ranks and formations. Those are some very disciplined knights.

They seem to have seen off Catzilla as well. Well done.

Si Bath said...

I look forward to reading about the clash. The picture of the camp is brilliant and I really like the way you've based the Stollenian Jaegers. Great to see the young master is joining in.
Best regards,


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