02 August 2016

The Bell Tolls. . .

The Zichenaurs are at left, and the Stollenians at right.  I've cropped and brightened one of yesterday's photographs a bit.  That is a folded 3'x5' Norwegian flag in the background, that I purchased during my first visit to Norway way back in 1990, and with which I sometimes torment my wife although I have yet to tie it around my neck as a cape, don a mask, and run around the backyard for the neighbors to see.

August 2nd 1776 dawns clear and sunny around the Village of Doltz in the Mark of Schleiz as the rival armies more into their final positions.  The orders of battle look like this:

Grand Duchy of Stollen – General von Bauchschmerzen (played by Ross MacFarlane in Canada)

Leib Grenadiers

1st Musketeers

3/5th Foot

Hansa Infantry

Prinz Johannes’ Corps of Jaegers (1 coy.)

Von Priesse Reitere (2 sqns.)

3 Guns

Electorate of Zichenau – General Phillipe de Latte (played by Greg Horne in Australia)

Ermland Garde

Flickenhoffer Fusiliers

Principalities’ Provisional Regiment

Wild Geese Grenzers (1 coy.)

V. I. Warshawski Croats (1 coy.)

Dandy Hussars (1 sqn.)

Von Torden og Lyn Cuirassiers (2 sqns.)

2 Guns

The situation (C.S. Grant's 'Flank Attack' on pp. 34-35 in Scenarios for Wargamers) is this.  The Stollenian Army is [somewhat] numerically superior to the Zichenauers and occupies a defensive position along the northern ridge (at right) overlooking a shallow valley that is crossed by a narrow lane connecting the three villages of (from left to right) Bumpfkinzort, Schtügesdorf, and the slightly larger Doltz.  Hampered by their array of camp followers, the Zichenauers have moved from the lane to the southern ridge (at left).  

The general orders for the two commanders look this way.  The Stollenians under General von Bauchschmerzen must hold the northern ridge while the invading Zichenauers under the dastardly Phillipe de Latte must sieze the ridge to clear their way into the heart of the long-contested Mark of Schleiz.  While the soldiers in their respective armies hurridly swallow their last mouthfuls of stir-about and rum, clean their muskets, and mount up in the case of the cavalry, von Bauchschmerzen and de Latte make their final plans before battle commences.

-- Stokes


Peter Douglas said...

Good to see the armies on table Stokes. We really donee to see a picture of you in your flag and mask attire.

Cheers, Peter

Peter Douglas said...

Do need not donee.

Maj. Guiscard said...

This "virtual" general style is really great.
Can't wait to see how it unfolds.


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