08 August 2016

The Battle of Doltz: Turn Two (Revised). . .

 General de Latte's Flickenhofer Fusiliers (right) and Provinces' Provisional Infantry (left) continue their attempt to outflank the enemy left.

Things are beginning to get interesting on the eastern edge of the battlefield.  Here is a quick photographic summary of how things stand early in Turn Two.

-- Stokes

A second picture of de Latte's  infantry edging their way around Hasenpfefferwald, covered by the Warshawski Croats and O'Malley's Irish Grenzers, who have moved into the small wood.

However, General von Bauchschmerzen's own Corps of Jaegers has noticed something is amiss in the woods where they have spotted leading elements of the enemy.

Tired of waiting for word from his easily distracted (and now missing) orderly, von Bauchschmerzen has ridden with two aides to his left flank to see for himself what's what.  His 1st Musketeers are in the front line, supported by a battalion of Hanseatic infantry in the second.

"Blast!  Hives, where the devil has that von Bauchschmerzen fellow got to?  If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he is trying to avoid me."  The Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II has stopped for a pinch of snuff, sneezed thunderously, and lost sight of his good general through watery eyes.

Meanwhile, General von Bauchschmerzen has dispatched his third aide to convey an important order to the 1st Museteers and Hanseatic Infantry.  What could it be we wonder?

All is relatively quiet on Genral von Bauchschmerzen's right flank at the western end of the battlefield where two squadrons of his Von Priesse Reiters glare at their mounted adversaries across the narrow valley and simultaneously await the indignities of rebasing.  One of the troopers was heard to mutter to his neighbor, "Aye, ya heard right, Heinie.  It's rebasin'  fer us.  It's not fer the faint-hearted though.  There's nowt I hate more."

And from their camp just outside the small village of Bumpfkinzort a short distance away, Gerda Helga, and Big Daddy await throngs of thirsty shirkers, whose throats will have been parched by biting one too many black powder cartridges.

General von Bauchschmerzen (Minden - Fife&Drum Miniatures), after some nail-biting and blue language, has finally managed to get his officers commanding the 1st Musketeers (Revell) and Hanseatic Inantry (RSM95) to refuse their left wings to face the enemy threat emerging from nearby Hasenpfefferwald.

The artillery on both sides began a general cannonade across the shallow valley separating the two armies, the Army of Stollen commanded by General von Bauchschmerzen ("assisted" by the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II) on the northern side (left) and the invading Army of Zichenau under the dastardly and invariably caffeinated General de Latte on the southern side (left).  Figures seen in this panoramic shot include those by RSM95, Minden, Fife & Drum, Garrison, Holger Eriksson, and a healthy number of Revell plastics.  The Grand Duchy of Stollen collection also includes humans, horses, guns, and vehicles from the likes of Jackdaw, Eureka, Blue Moon, Front Rank, Black Hussar, Crann Tara, Reaper, Miniature Figurines, Willie, and perhaps one or two others whose names escape me at the moment.

A sharp exchange of skirmish fire opened up this turn between von Bauchschmerzen's Corps of Jaegers (Holger Eriksson) and de Latte's Irish Grenzers (RSM95) with light casualties resulting on both sides.

Once the smoke from the artillery barrage had cleared, General de Latte's Ermland Guard (Revell) had suffered four casualties.  Oddly, his own guns were unable to hit the side of a barn this turn and , thus, General von Bauchschmerzen's 1st Musketeers across the valley opposite were spared any further hits, concluding Turn Two.


Peter Douglas said...

Looks like a good action under way. I've never heard of Irish Grenzers before, they would certainly be a Wild Geese! The Reaper pub crew look very good.
Cheers, Peter

Conrad Kinch said...

Looks like things are hotting up.

Paul Robinson said...

Good looking game and nicely presented Stokes. Well done.

Stryker said...

A wonderful sight - I particularly like the look of the flanking forces on their nice green bases!

Allan Tidmarsh said...

The tension mounts ...
will the flank attack succeed - looking forward to subsequent moves

warpaintjj said...

Great detail & pictures. Lovely to see these in action.
Could you possibly if only occasionally name check models by manufacturer as I would love to hear where the commanders & vignette kit comes from.
Best wishes,


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