14 August 2016

The Battle of Doltz: Turn Three Continued. . .

The Ermland Garde, who earlier this turn moved onto the crest o the southern ridge and into the open with a loud "Huzzah!" have taken three more hits from the enemy artillery just across the valley.  Ouch!  General de Latte sees this and sends hasty orders for the the unit to pull back behind the ridge line once again. 

Although still early in the game, The Battle of Doltz has thrown a few rather interesting wrenches (spanners) into the works of the respective commanders' plans.  These have taken the form of recalcitrant subordinate officers who have not always understood their superiors' orders, overly eager troops moving ahead without order to do so, and a combat on one flank that has taken on a life of it own.  Suffice to say, General von Bauchschmerzen and General de Latte have experienced a bit of (realistic) confusion and frustration so far.

And then. . .  There was the veritable hell wrought on yours truly all day Saturday by a particularly nefarious piece of flatpack IKEA furniture with a mind of its own.  In what must be a new world's record for slow, painstaking assembly, it took the 7+ hours to assemble the blasted thing.  And that's not counting the unplanned trip to the hardware store late in the day to replace a couple of stripped screws needed to complete the piece.  Injuries, indignities, and incompetence?  You don't know the half of it!  I have decided, with the clarity brought on by a decent night's sleep, that the Swedes are more evil than the rest of the world perhaps realizes.  

The finished sofa nevertheless looks pretty good in the Grand Duchess' home office.

-- Stokes

Meanwhile, General von Bauchschmerzen's 1st Musketeers have yet again managed to avoid incurring additional casualties from the Zichenauer battery opposite.  What are those blasted artillerymen drinking??!!   

Along the edge of Hasenpfefferwald, things are rather different however.  A hard fought firefight has developed between General von Bauchschmerzen's Corps of Jaegers and General de Latte's Irish Grenzers and Warshawski Croats, with the former incurring heavy casualties (denoted by the red bingo chips).

Finally, here is a second shot of the firefight which has seen the Corps of Jaegers take the brunt of things.  The company of 18 figures has suffered 11 casualties (more than 50%) and must, presumably, fall back during Turn Four, taking little further part in the battle.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Things are hotting up ! . Flat pack furniture the curse of the modern world - I never consult the instructions till things go terminally wrong ! , Tony

Peter Douglas said...

I am that the Battle of dolts, sorry Doldtz, will be a classic that ranks with the Clash of the Titans.
Glad to hear that you wrassled the IKEA furniture into submission.
Cheers, Peter

Paul Robinson said...

Looking good. Flat packed sofa? I like Ikea and their furniture - right up to the point that I have to assemble it and then my enthusiasm wanes significantly.


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