27 August 2016

The Battle of Doltz: Turn Six. . .

 General de Latte's Ermland Garde was shot to pieces by the combined weight of the Stollenian msuketeers and artillery on General von Bauchschmerzen's front line.  His spirits picking up a bit at this most recent and unexpected development, von Bauchschmerzen shouted to his aides, "Gentlemen?  A tall glass of ice-cold chocolate milk if you please.  With plenty of syrup and a straw!"

Shortly after 12:15pm that afternoon, the maneuvering by General de Latte during the opening moves ground to a halt in the face of repeated volleys of musketry and endless hard pounding by General von Bauchschmerzen's well-situated artillery.  Through the powder smoke, it seemed at that point as though the Army of Zichenau had received the vast bulk of casualties, and a turning point was close at hand.  As Gilbert O'Sullivan once lamented, what to do?  What to do?

-- Stokes

On his extreme left flank at the eastern end of the battlefield, von Bauchschmerzen's Hanseatic Regiment  succeeded in eliminating virtually the entire first company of the Flickenhoffer Fusiliers save for a lone drummer boy.

For their part, the Hanseatic Regiment suffered relatively light casualties during this part of the battle.  The regiment started toward the wavering enemy once the smoke cleared but was held in check by the commanind voice of its mounted colonel, who shouted, "Hanseatics!  Damn all that eagerness!"

Back in the center of the field, General von Bacuhschmerzen's Leib Grenadiers, despite their own withering volleys, sustained a not insignificant number of hits to its middle company thanks to enemy musketry.

And the 1st Musketeers managed, yet again to suffer few casualties at the hand of the Zichenauer artillery, who continued to site their guns either too high, or too low with the result that their cannon shots either plowed into the earth far short of the Stollenian line, or sailed harmlessly overhead well to the rear of the Stollenian second line.  What ARE they smoking over there??!!

Sadly, some of the Stollenian artillery crews at the center of General von Bauchschmerzen's line fell to enemy musketry during Turn Six, requiring quick thinking and consolidation of the remaining specialists and infantrymen attached to said guns.

Finally, at the western edge of the battlefield, the ongoing cavalry melee between General de Latte's hussars and General von Bauchschmerzen's Reiters continued without further casualties until about 12:45pm when the squadrons on both sides pulled back as their respective trumpeters sounded the rally.


Gallia said...

Euooo we, well a dogie!
To quote Jed Clampet.
Bill P.

Wellington Man said...

One senses a total Zichenauer disaster in the making here. The tension is unbearable! Absolutely splendid work, Stokes. All the bets, WM

Si Bath said...

Great work by the Stollenian infantry ahs set them up for victory one feels.
Best, Simon

Paul Robinson said...

stirring stuff Stokes. Looks great.


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