15 August 2016

The Battle of Doltz: Turn Four. . .

General de Latte's brigade of Flickenhoffer Fusiliers and Provinces' Provisional Regiment continues its flanking movement at the start of Turn Four.

At approximately 11:15am, the start if Turn Four in the Battle of Doltz, a standoff of sorts developed over much of the battlefield along with the clearing off of General von Bauchschmerzen's few remaining jaegers on his left flank.  And it is there that events were the most interesting so far during the battle.  But these artists' renderings provide a much clearer picture of the battle than can I.  Please have a look and, to appropriate one of Mr. Kinch's terms, click each picture to 'embiggen.'

-- Stokes

 The Flickenhoffer Fusiliers has just about cleared Hasenpfefferwald and should soon be in position to form a firing line opposition General von Bauchschmeren's own troops.

A third photograph provides a good idea of how close the opposing bodies of troops are to one another.

Concerned about his left flank and the rather disobedient troops guarding it, General von Bauchschmerzen and his staff have again moved to that part of the position just in case.

Meanwhile, General de Latte's retinue of haughty hipster baristas (those filthy coffee bean chewers) in fancy dress has rejoined their commander for more military mischief depending on what unfolds during the rest of Turn Four.

And what of General de Latte's Irish Grenzers and Warshawski Croats?  Having polished off the last of von Bauchschmerzen's Corps of Jaegers, they have made an orderly retreat back into Hasenpfefferwald to screen the approach of the Flickenhoffer Fusiliers and Provinces' Provincials approaching from the rear.


Bloggerator said...

Hm. Do I know what I am doing?

de Latte

MGB said...

Hi there, your style of painting is very different from my own. But they have an attractive manner, have just realised what I like about them, they remind me of those large 18th century figurines produced by Meissen and other companies. Thanks for the view!
ps. Always liked the Hezzlewood RSM castings, and now the Fife & Drum and Crann Tara ranges.

Paul Robinson said...

Excellent Stokes. like the layout and presentation a lot.

Gallia said...

True, true the Hezzelwood miniatures and the rest are very appealing. I remember the acclaim when some of us first discovered decades ago. I found the photo of the red lights in the woods particularly interesting and well done.
Bill P.

Jiminho said...

Well done. The look and feel of Charge and the Wargame echo so strongly in your photos, so clear and direct. My compliments!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings!

The honorable Jiminho's comment does spark a question. Why not put your work together in a more permanent form like that of a book. It has been close to fifty years since Charge and the Wargame provided a venue for such elegant figures and their display in such a sophisticated manner. With your writing skills battle narratives and the descriptions of your painting process, basing, creation of mini-dioramas and related matters should come easily. Your niche in war gaming history would definitely be assured!

My very best regards,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus


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