24 August 2016

The Battle of Doltz: Turn Five. . .

 General de Latte's Flickenhoffer Fusiliers rounded the northern end of Hasenpfefferwald and came within musketry range of the Stollenian line.  General von Bauchschmerzen's Hanseatic Infantry unleashed a blistering first volley into the leading company of the enemy infantry, causing visible gaps to appear in their front ranks.

From about 11:45am, the limited action  at the eastern end of the battlefield turned into a full-fledged battle as the rest of the front between the two armies came alive.  What might have seemed initially like an easy victory to General de Latte was thrown into question as his leading units began to suffer appreciable casualties at the hands of General von Bauchschmerzen's infantry and artillery along his front line.

-- Stokes

Close behind, de Latte's Provinces' Provisional Regiment slowed their pace once the Flickenhoffer Fusiliers to their fore came to a halt when met with enemy fire.

At the same time, de Latte's Ermland Garde neared the Stollenian center where it's 1st company took heavy casualties from ememy artillery.

With many of its men rendered hors de combat during the last half hour or so, the Ermland Garde's advance ground to a halt as the regimental NCOs shouted at the remaining men to close ranks and form up.

On the Stollenian side (the northern) of the valley, casualties remained fairly light with the Zichenauer artillery in the distance managing only a couple of additional hits.

Thus far, General von Bauchschmerzen's  Hanseatic Infantry on his far left lank managed to hold in the face of appreciable odds with just two men taken out of action by long range skirmish fire from de Latte's Irish Grenzers and Warshawski Croats, who skulked just inside the edge of Hasenpfefferwald taking pot shots at the enemy infantry as  opportunities presented themselves.

 General von Bauchschmerzen's 1st Musketeers, however, took the brunt of the enemy artillery and skirmish fire, suffering but nevertheless maintaining the line.

 And on the western end of the battlefield, just before Noon, the cavalry of both sides finally went into action, with the leading squadron of General von Bauchschmerzen's Reiters charging at the last moment into the approaching squadron of Zichenauer hussars.  After a short, sharp melee, both sides suffered light casualties.

Here is a general artist's impression of the Battle of Doltz at about 12:05pm.

And a second quick pencil sketch that illustrates the situation at a quarter past twelve that afternoon.


Conrad Kinch said...

Wow those big units really look like something on the tabletop!

Paul Robinson said...

great looking game as always. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at those pictures.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Coming along nicely ... all hanging in the balance ??

Si Bath said...

Unfolding nicely; will the Stollen troops hold on the left flank?


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