01 August 2016

The Armies Move into Place. . .

A veritable hoard of soldiers' wives, sutlers, and assorted hangers-on have accompanied General de Latte's Zichenauer army on its trek north during the last two weeks.  They've set up camp in and around the formerly quiet village of Bumpfkinzort on the western end of the area in which the two armies are taking up position..

Another view of the chaos that has arrived with the Zichenauer Army and its bevy of camp followers.

And a third view of the camp being set up around Bumpfkinzort.

The notorious General Phillipe de Latte (in blue) disagrees vehemently with his subordinate Major Paulo di Biscotti, much to the amusement of their three ADCs.

General von Bauchschmerzen. who doesn't feel very well today, in consultation with his three aides de camp.

The Grand Duke and his man Hives survey the scene while a couple of Stollenian officers argue over  their map.

 A bird's-eye view of the field from the east.

A bird's-eye view of the field from the west.

One of the infantry units in de Latte's army, the Principalities' Provisional Regiment, heads for an as yet undisclosed location.

Another regiment of foot in the same army, Zichenau's Flickenhoffer Fusiliers, marches to a different beat.

It has been a busy afternoon in the area just south of Doltz!  The rival armies are racing to take up their initial positions, and it looks certain that a battle will occur before long.

-- Stokes

-- Stokes


Conrad Kinch said...

Cry havoc!

Si Bath said...

Yippee, they're on the march again and all set for a big old battle. I'm looking forward to this.

Paul Liddle said...

Fabulous, I'm looking forward to the battle.

Conrad Kinch said...

Great stuff Stokes - keep at it. I'm looking forward to seeing the game in full swing.

Chris Gregg said...

It looks spectacular!. Love the group of officers, they look like precious Meissen porcelain figurines.

Wellington Man said...

Looking very spiffy indeed on the new astro-turf! Simply beautiful

Stryker said...


Allan Tidmarsh said...

Super, lovely setup


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