08 August 2016

Austrian Limber Teams Finished!!!

Here they are, all finished barring three or four tiny, tiny touch-ups.  Otherwise, I'm calling 'em done!

Well, some days just work out well.  I managed to finish an article (nothing hobby related sadly) that I've been tinkering with all summer, the Young Master has had a good day, and I've managed to complete the limited groundwork on those six limbers that have been on the painting table for the last month.  

As was the case with all of those wagons and carts I painted during 2014, the impression I have tried to convey is of vehicles on very minor country roads with grass and clumps of weeds along the edges and, in some cases, up the center.  Materials used include fine sand scavanged from my maternal grandparents' creek bed during Summer 1984, Acrylic matt medium, Burnt Umber acrylic ink, tan acrylic paint to dry-brush, and Woodland Scenics fine grass and shrub materials, the latter held in place with tiny drops of super glue.  

The only thing that I wish I had done a better job with was in disguising the bases of the horses a bit better, but ah well.  Next time.  On the table, they will still look pretty good.  I'll have the chance to do a more convincing job of base disguising when I get to that step with the six Prussian limber teams that are waiting for the base-coat of white acrylic gesso in a couple of evenings once I replenish the will to paint.

In the meantime, it's time to continue with the next turn in The Battle of Doltz laid out on the wargaming table.

-- Stokes

Finally, here are two of the recently finished Austrian limber teams and riders with the addition of two MiniFig 25mm guns, which were  finished eight or nine years ago. . .  with a different, more lemony shade of yellow no less.


Conrad Kinch said...

Well done Stokes. I'm afraid I've never had the strength of will required to paint that many lads at one stroke. I tend to work on two or three at a time as I need the feeling of accomplishment that completion brings.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Aye, as they might say in West Yorkshire, it weren't easy.

Best Regards,


Wellington Man said...

Those are very fine indeed, Stokes. I thought that completing just one limber was an achievement!

Peter Douglas said...

Well done Stokes! I like your basing and groundwork. Are they mounted two limbers per base, or just matched up so that it looks that way in the photo?


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