15 July 2016

Here we are again. . .

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CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich,

Please rest assured that a Mass was celebrated this day for the spiritual benefit of those who perished on Bastille Day in Nice. More importantly our prayers are offered so that those who lost loved ones might find some solace.

What was done by some malcontent is inexcusable and totally beyond human forgiveness. As the actor James Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo) said in reply to the question "Where's your mercy?" "I am only a Count." Well I am but a man as well and cannot forgive nor seek forgiveness for someone whose actions were so terrible. Was he mentally ill? A sociopath? Who knows...but the initial indications ae that he was not terribly religious nor was he affiliated with ISIS. If he was mentally ill, there can be an understanding of a sick mind, but all other explanations lead to a desire for punishment and non-forgiveness.

It will be hard but I can only hope and offer prayers that France will remember its commitment to the great ideals of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" and not become enamored of ethnocentrism and political persecution of minorities. Let us stand with our brothers and sisters in France in this time of mourning.

With greatest respect,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus


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