11 July 2016

First Six of Twelve Underway. . .

Half a dozen Austrian limbers and horse teams in progress.  The work shown is what I have managed to do during four sessions spread over three daysNext up, the fleshtone on the rider's faces and the brown glazes on the horses.  Giddy-up!

Limbers, horse teams and riders that is.  Applying the white acrylic gesso basecoat was a chore (it always is), but the various undercoats on the horses went much more quickly after that.  Various thin glazes of oil will be applied over these to produce, when all is finished, a variety of horse colors.  I am making a real push over the next 30 days or so to get as much finished as possible before about August 10th since, at that point, I'll need to begin revising syllabi and write a new one for the approaching fall semester at school.  Sadly, this will take up much of my remaining free time until classes commence once more at the end of August.

-- Stokes

The Young Master spent much of his afternoon with me down in Zum Stollenkeller Mk II where I introduced him to various books on the hobby by the likes of C.S. Grant, Ian Weekley, Neil Thomas, and Bruce Quarrie.  He was captivated by the photographs of soldiers arrayed across various miniature landscapes and spent a good couple of hours sitting quietly on the floor paging through the books in question and, apparently, reading for real based on the questions he asked while I painted.  Exciting times for us both.

On another note, we took delivery of a king-sized bed late yesterday afternoon.  Left by mistake at a neighbor's house across the street!  Once the several large boxes were brought over here to Totliegh-in-the-Wold by said neighbor and yours truly, I spent two+ hours assembling the darn thing yesterday evening.  After the mattress is delivered tomorrow, it should be quite comfortableA plus side is, of course, all of the styrofoam sheeting that encased the various pieces of the wooden bedframe.  Instead of painting these, I'll just place them under the Woodland Scenics vinyl grass mats that are on the way.  Presto!  Instant hills, ridges, and knolls.


Peter Douglas said...

Wagons ho Stokes! Looks like a good start on this rather large process. You don't do this transport thing by halves for you? Do you find yourself humming the theme from Rawhide while working in these?
Cheers, Peter

Paul Robinson said...

Looking good Stokes.
as for the young master - really pleasant experience I'll wonder.

The Border Prince said...

If you want to increase your wagon-train even more is there a few things you could have a look at:

The Perry French Napleonic range has FN 161. A Baggage cart with a camp-follower. Change the Napoleonic driver to a 1700s one and it is perfect. You can probaby find loads of other usefull stuff on their site.

Warfare Miniatures have loads of wagons and cannons.

Finaly, Warlord Games have Mule-trains (Roman, Pike & Shotte and Napoleonics) that might be useful with some conversion and change of the handler. Also, there are a Warlord Games Napoleonic camp-follower and her donkey.

Peter Douglas said...

Good one Border Prince. The Perry AWI range has wagons with civilian drivers in 18thC garb.

Whiskers said...

I wish you good luck in getting TYM involved.
We need the next generation to carry the flag.
Follow my gaming (and other) activities on www.generalwhiskers.com


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