30 July 2016

And the first scenario is. . .

 Here's the first shot of the battlefield taken from the southeast.  You can just about make out the two gentle ridges (books) and shallow valley between them in the middle of the table.  As C.S. Grant mentions in the instruction for this particular scenario, these terrain features have no appreciable effect on troop movements.

 Another shot taken facing to the southwest this time.  You can just make out the torso of the Jolly Green Giant at the top of the picture.

A final view of the battlefield, including my helper The Young Master, who is not only color coordinated with the miniature landscape here, but he also decided that we needed a windmill and an L-shaped section of wall.  From left to right, the settlements are Doltz, Schtügesdorf, and Bumpfkinzort.  That's Hasenpfefferwald near the other end of the table.  And the Woodland Scenics Ready Grass mats don't look half bad.  I'll probably purchase some 28mm fields from Hotz at some point to disguise where the three mats overlap each other and help break up the broad expanse of golf course just a bit.  Overall though, I like where this is headed and should have upped my terrain game much sooner.

And the first scenario is. . .   The 'Flank Attack' found on pages 34-35 of Scenarios or Wargamers!  I'll reduce the orders of battle slightly to better fit the forces available to me  and set them out in the next day or so.  The Stollenians (commanded by Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II and General von Bauchscherzen) will defend in the roll of the Blue Army on the northern ridge (at let in the bottom photograph) while the invading Zichenauers (commanded by that dastardly ne'er-do-well General Phillipe de Latte) will attack in the role of the Red Army from the southern ridge near where the Young Master stands.  I am considering seeking  assistance from a couple of wargaming pals along the lines of what we did via e-mail last December and January.  Stay tuned!

-- Stokes


Gallia said...

Best wishes for a satisfying game Stokes!,
Bill P.

Steve Gill said...

Looking very promising. As a big fan of your home-made buildings, may I put in a polite request for closer-in shots of the villages, if the opportunity arises, ta.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you, men!


warpaintjj said...

Oh good news! Finally a battle!
I am on holiday so have time to be uber attentive.
best wishes,


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