01 June 2016

Photo Cropping Experiments. . .

One of the 19 figures currently underway whose face turned out rather nicely.  Notice the darker pigment in his eye sockets and on either side of his nose and mouth?

Monkeying around this Wednesday evening with the online photograph editor Pixlr.com, which allows you to achieve many of the same effects as Photoshop Elements, although the names o certain functions differ between the two, which makes the learning curve a bit steep.  In particular, I have brightened and sharpened the photograph of the current works-in-progress here as well as run the auto levels (colors?) adjustment function before finally cropping it in four ways.  

What I intended was to highlight is how, when you apply your fleshtone thinly enough, the pigment will settle in the eye sockets and along the sides of the noses and mouths as it dries, making these areas a bit darker.  Conversely, the cheekbones, noses, and chins will show up a bit lighter (remember the white basecoat?) when the paint is thinner, providing instant shading and highlighting with neither the muss, nor the fuss of the three-shade method that is currently so popular.  You may not care for the my more subtle results, but it works or me.  See what you think.

-- Stokes

 Here is a close-up of two of the better faces before the completion of mustaches and dressed hair.

Here's a third face on another figure that I am pleased with.  Many of the RSM95 figures exhibit faces that are simply full of wonderful character.  The late Seve Hezzlewood was indeed a master sculptor.

And here is the entire batch of 19 figures once again after sharpening of the raw image and fooling around with a few adjustments and filters in Pixlr's online editor.


Der Alte Fritz said...

I think that you could probably go a little more darker.

Conrad Kinch said...

I think Fritz might have the right of it Stokes. It's the eternal struggle getting enough light on the figure without blowing out the highlights, made all the more difficult by your light and lively painting style. Have you tried photographing them under natural light?


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