28 May 2016

The Yellows Are Done. . . Whew!

 Here they are, with the thinned alkyd oil yellow freshly applied.   In about eight hours, they should be dry and ready for the next step.

 The obligatory mid-distance shot, featuring some of my paints, brush soap, palette paper, and thinning medium.

And a third shot of the same.  I must admit that I am pleased with the way these have come together so far.  The 19 figures here are starting to look like something by this point.

The yellow is all done now, and I managed to plow through the job in one longer than usual sitting this (Saturday) afternoon without making any irreparable mistakes.  It does not always happen that way!  I used a very thin wash of Winsor & Newton Griffin alkyd oil London Yellow, which was mixed with three drops of runny Liquin Fine Detail solution, and applied using a #2 round with a decent point.  Next up, the white shoulder straps, drummer's various straps, and, perhaps, also the black neckstocks.  The latter are always a major headache to paint in and usually one of the last items I address, so I thought that I would tackle them now while my enthusiasm is still high.  Be sure to tune in again real soon!

-- Stokes


Matt said...

They are coming on handsomely!

Big Andy said...

They are starting to look really sweet stokes.... quite .. well Swedish with all that blue and yellow. Nice.

Neil Moulden said...

Coming along nicely.Even thought we use a completely different painting style I do enjoy seeing you miniature come to life.

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings!

As expected in these parts, the new figures are truly magnificent to behold. You mentioned the difficulty of doing the neck stocks. Have you ever considered using a marking pen with a very thin black point to apply the black line representative of the neck cloth? Ink is just paint with finer pigment. But the figures are beautifully done and even if you never apply that thin line of paint they will stand the critics eye.

Well done my friend...well done, indeed.

With great regard,

Gerardus Maximus
Archbishop Emeritus

Scheck said...

They come out very well - I follow you!!


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