30 May 2016

Sachsen-Hildburghausen Infantry Update. . .

Really beginning to come together at this point through more careful (ok, tedious) painting.  You know.  To remain within the lines.

I've spent about three hours during the last couple of days plugging away at these 19 RSM95 Prussian musketeers.  We're getting into that less than exciting multitudinous tiny detail painting territory now.  Sigh.  This means lots of straight lines: shoulder belts, bayonet scabbard, hair queues, musket stocks, musket straps, gun barrels, etc., etc., etc.  You get the idea.  

It's funny what goes through your mind as you zone out during the zen of painting, and why it has never occurred to me before now is anyone's guess.  But these items all require the careful painting of dashes and lines of various lengths and thicknesses.  Not the most exciting part of figure painting in any scale.  Still, things are coming together, and I've managed to accomplish quite a bit in short spurts of activity between cooking tasks yesterday and time, more or less, to myself today although the Young Master and I did have an extremely pleasant father-son walk around the neighborhood late this afternoon for an hour or so before supper.  

Still lots of other minute details to take care of, but my version of the Sachsen-Hildburghausen contingent that was part of the larger Ernestine Sachsen Regiment is beginning to come alive.  Visually speaking that is!

-- Stokes

 Came across this new image of the Sachsen-Hildburghausen Regiment, ca. 1753, this afternoon during a break in painting.  He looks rather different from the figure shown below on which I have based my painting.

 And here, again, is the illustration I have used as a guide in the painting of my figures.


Captain Nolan said...

Is there a way to contact you by e-mail? I am unable to find it on your blog (though there are references to contacting you by e-mail, such as to buy your hussars).

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Captain,

Thank you for you message. Thank you for your interest, but none of my figures are for sale. Sorry.

Best Regards,


Paul Robinson said...

I actually find the blocking of the tunic harder than painting belts and straps. once I get to that stage I know I've nearly finished and it seems to whizz by.

Conrad Kinch said...

Lovely stuff Stokes. You're really getting into a painting frenzy at the moment.

Captain Nolan said...

What (and how) do you use to varnish your figures? I have ordered my first few units of RSM95s (though my units will be 12 infantry, 8 light, and 8 cavalry). I may just try the colorful shiny look that I see on your page. Ay tips would be appreciated.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for your kind remarks, everyone. Captain Nolan, I used to use Future/Klear acrylic floor polish. A coat or three gave a nice, deep shine and left my soldiers smelling clean and fresh. Once that became more difficult to find, I switched to Liquitex acrylic high gloss varnish, which is available in most arts and crafts supply shops. It is a bit thick and so slower to apply, but it does the trick. I think Peter Gilder used to use marine varnish, but you'll kill millions of brain cells using that stuff and get higher than a kite unless you use it outside. Hope this helps.

Best Regards,


Si Bath said...

They're coming along very nicely and looking splendid.


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