27 May 2016

Ready to Apply the Yellows. . .

White basecoat retouched, the troops now stand poised to receive their yellow particulars.

Another hour and a half, or so, last night enabled me to clean up the accidental "slops" in preparation for the application of yellow distinctions this evening and tomorrow (Saturday) evening.  90 minutes seem to be a good length of time in the painting chair for yours truly with, occasionally, two full hours.  That is a short enough span of time to avoid an attack by the dreaded tedium demon, yet long enough to make some visible progress on whatever I happen to be painting at the moment.  What about you?  How long do you typically like to spend in the painting chair?  At what point does additional time beyond that become counterproductive?

-- Stokes


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz-Ulrich, Greetings!

Fascinating questions! Whether I am putting together something like resin or plastic AFVs for later periods, doing prep work for my miniatures or actually applying paint or finishing bases, about two hours is my time limit. Nature has not treated my hands - or attention span - kindly with the arthritis being particularly troublesome in rainy or damp weather. However, I often try to work through the aches and pains so that as you suggested, I can actually see something tangible on the table. As for the attention span, I can get wrapped in something for a longer period but when living in private circumstances there always seems to be something that needs my attention.

It will be a true pleasure to see the lads when they are finished since you aspire to such excellent achievement on the painting table.

My deepest regards,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Neil Moulden said...

I have found that doing paint & chat session on Google hangouts is a great way to get figures painted. I normally do about 2 hours painting in a session and find thats just enough. I have a target I want to achieve and often find myself exceeding it. I have painted more miniatures so far this year than ever before because of the paint & chat sessions.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I can work in two hour blocks and then I have to take a break.

Norm said...

I am good for around 45 minutes and then a few aches and pains start. I generally try to wrap up within the following half hour. I usually have about 16 figures on the 'production line' at any one time, so am always determined to complete that task i.e. Boots or rifles etc.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

your current batch of figures are coming along nicely.

as for modelling/painting session time - I usually get in two sessions a day of about 1 hour to 90mins each (one in the morning and one in the evening); occasionally I will go for a longer session - especially if I'm close to finishing something



Si Bath said...

Great to see that you're back in the chair again Stokes. Like you it's about ninety minutes before my mind begins to wander. During the week, it's one session a day in the evening, at weekends the same, but if the weather is foul, then I'll fit in a couple more.

Best regards,



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