26 May 2016

Blue Coats Done!

Here is where things now stand with the final batch of that 80-figure composite regiment.

90 minutes last night finishing up the application of thinned Prussian Blue and applying black to several previously missed cartridge pouches.  Since even a very tiny dab of alkyd oil paint becomes a larger puddle once thinned with my usual Liquin Original, I also took care of the hats and two senior officers' coats on two diferent command vignettes of Minden figures that have been sitting around in the painting queue for, oh, 12-24 months.  As usual, it was a very pleasant way to end the day, aided and abetted by the delightful faint aroma of oil paints.  You didn't realize painting could also function as aroma therapy, did you?

This evening, following the Young Master's bedtime and our reading about insects (one of his current fascinations), I'll touch up the white basecoat in a few places before starting with the application of thinned London Yellow alkyd oil paint to the breeches, waistcoats, cuffs, and turnbacks.  This might, realistically, take two painting sessions, but you never know.  Once that is all done, the back of this particular mini-project will be broken, and it will simply be a case of taking care of various small details (mustaches, muskets, crossbelts/straps, metal bits. . .  and the drummer) during the next several evenings.  Ahhhh.  The promise of leisure things yet to come (said without any hint of irony or sarcasm).

As always, once I manage to get beyond the procrastination and actually sit down in the chair, the actual painting process is quite a bit of fun as the figures take shape beneath one's brush.  Maybe more of us need to view the painting part of the miniature wargaming hobby as an enjoyable part of it rather than a high hurdle that keeps people from giving it a shot themselves?  Just a thought

-- Stokes


Paul Robinson said...

Nice work stokes. Always a pleasure to see your figures progressing.

Scheck said...

They come out very well - I am curious to see them finished and based!


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