23 April 2016

New Lightbox Photos of Old Camp Follower Favorites. . .

A few enterprising soldiers' wives have opened the 18th century equivalent of a Coke stand  by a handy roadside along which troops and non-military types pass.  The influence of hobby luminaries like Bill Gaskin, Doug Mason, and Peter Gilder, here and in the following pictures, is freely acknowledged.  30mm Willie figures stocked with Eureka and Foundry provisions along with a scratch-built tarp and table.

Sam the Smith and Friends, keeping hussar steeds in tiptop running order.  1/56 Fife & Drum figures along with another scratch-built table.

And finally, here's another old favorite, Margarete the Marketenderin on her way to set up shop opposite the ladies pictured above.  A 28mm Eureka set, but the Napoleonic vivandiere has had a headgear conversionThe three vignettes here were all painted in, I believe, 2014.  

The enterprising Wolfram the Sutler drives his wagon of goods and sundries to the front.  I think this is an Old Glory cart, with the addition of a Fife&Drum driver, painted in 2014.  The various bits and pieces comprising ol' Wolfie's cargo come from various manufacturers.


Neil Moulden said...

Your battle field is going to look spectacular when you have all of the civilian vignettes and baggage trains setting the scene behind the two armies.

Phil said...

Fantastic little vignette, great additions on a table!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you both! Yes. Now, I simply must find the time to set up a game. Easier said than done these days I fear.

Best Regards,



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