11 April 2016

New Lightbox Photos of Finished Camp Followers. . .

"I gave at the office!"  Frau Cornelia Lohmeyer attempts to fend off feckless Bernhard the Stick.

Posing as a half-witted farm laborer, here is cunning gambler and "money lender" extraordinaire. . .  Jan-Henrik along with his brother Hrothgar. . .  and his other brother Hrothgar.  The mere thought of any business dealings with them ought to make your kneecaps hurt.  Fugeddaboutit!

The Laundress Tableau, a.k.a. "We need more Calgon!"  Soldiers' wives Else and Heike earn extra money by taking in laundry from the officers and men of the Grand Duke's army.  

I call this one, "Cecilia and Stefanie Take a Stroll, or Sauntering Soldiers' Wives with Sticky Fingers"

The Fuller Brush man, circa 1759.  Niels attempts to work his way across the Grand Duchy of Stollen northwest to Riga by selling shoddy brooms to soldiers' wives like Frau Katarina Rudat.

The Naughty Lola (in green) and her business associates confront the devout Lutheran minister Father Petrus Georg Wilhelm Albrecht Claudius, This, That, and the Other von Licentius as he attempts to save their souls.  Again.

Coming to TV this fall. . .  The Suttlers!  Join Gerda, Helga, and Big (Sugar) Daddy every Thursday evening at 8pm for a half hour of madcap, bawdy, side-splitting hilarity from their small corner of mid-18th century Europe as they accompany the Stollenian army on campaign from one end of the Grand Duchy, to the other, and back again.  Why, just look at the size of those beersteins!  You've never met a bunch of wacky yet lovable rascals like. . . The Suttlers!


Fitz-Badger said...

Great photos of some excellent minis! Your porcelain-like style is well-executed as always, and well-suited to the era.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Super little vignettes, beautifully painted

Conrad Kinch said...

Mrs Kinch: "I like the pub at the end."

CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich,

My chamberlain, Victor, Johannes, the butler and Messieur Le Blanc, the chef have all noted the excellence of your brushwork. Adding civilians to the mix gives you the potential of having a small town or village actually look occupied before a raid or other military event. Have you plans for utilizing these wonderful miniatures in the near future?

My best regards to your noble family,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Chris Gregg said...

A lovely blog posting, highly amusing and original.


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