09 March 2016

Waiting in the Wings. . .

 Half of the planned camp followers from various manufacturers, including Reaper, Black Hussar, Suren/Willie, and Minden/Fife & Drum.

The other half, including a scratch-built, Ian Weekly-inspired suttler's tent.

 While the painting and modeling muse is here, I thought that I would share just a few photographs of coming attractions here at Totliegh-in-the-Wold.  After a second coat of acrylic gesso, the various camp followers are destined for a wash of alkyd oil fleshtone in the appropriate places, to be followed by various subdued colors for their garments.  Lots of browns, tans, navy blues, dark greens, with white blouses/shirts.  Except in the case of the painted ladies confronting the Black Hussar Lutheran pastor of course!  They have already received some rather more colorful attire in keeping with their professional activities.

-- Stokes

Gotta strike while the painting iron is hot.  Here are the last 19 RSM95 figures for that 80-figure composite regiment.  These Prussians are destined to become the blue-coated, yellow-faced Sachsen-Hildburghausen contingent., which was part of the Ernestine Sachsen Infantry (of the Upper Saxon Kreis) in real life.

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Robbie Rodiss said...

Love the tent, Stokes.


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