05 March 2016

It's Saturday at Last!

In lieu of a model soldier picture, here is a photograph of the lovely view I had yesterday morning about 8:15 while walking across campus on the way to a professional development seminar, which actually turned out to be pretty interesting.  So far, that's two really good ones in the space of a month.  This could become a trend if we aren't careful.

Another cold, slightly snowy one this morning, the first Saturday of our nine-day Spring Vacation here at Totleigh-in-the-Wold.  The Grand Duchess is breakfasting quietly in the dining room, the Young Master is building something quietly with his Legos upstairs, and I am down here in Zum Stollenkeller Mk. II with a mug of coffee and a cat or two.  High time to return to those two stabdards for my large battalion of Ernestine Sachsen Infantry.  With any luck, my Litko bases will arrive in the mail today, or Monday, and I will be able to begin preparing those for mounting the figures.  

On that note, I've worked out an acceptable basing scheme for my infantry and cavalry units using the dimensions laid out by the late Peter Gilder in his In the Grand Manner rules along with the diagrams of an infantry battalion deployed for battle in Christopher Duffy's The Army of Frederick the Great.  It's a bit too early in the morning still for me to attempt detailed explanation, but the basing scheme manages, I think, to satisfy my aesthetic sensibilities AND keep things very manageable where playability is concerned.  

Since drummers along with most (but not all) NCOS and officers will kept as singletons, virtually any size unit may be represented on the tabletop, from 24-80 figures strong depending on rules and/or scenario.  It will make more sense once I post a photograph or three.  Hopefully, before long.  Stay tuned.

-- Stokes

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