21 February 2016

Painting Holger Eriksson Replacement Figures. . .

One of John's figures is at the rear, with my two replacements  in the front.  Not a bad job of matching John's painting style if I do say so myself.  I should have gone into art forgery.

Spent a fairly quiet Saturday yesterday reading/grading a few student papers and painting a couple of replacement Holger Eriksson figures.  Well, one replacement, and an extra officer since I like and even 30 figures for my cavalry regiments, which can be divided into two large squadrons with staff, or three understrength ones as per the organization suggested in Young and Lawford's Charge!

I have no clue what paints John used to paint his figures, but I am pleased with the way I was able to more or less match his painting style with Citadel acrylics and alkyd oil fleshtone.  I added some very thin gold edging to the officer's saddle cloth late last night, but otherwise I am calling these done and ready for a couple of coats of acrylic high gloss varnish.

Speaking of done, those 22 RSM95 and Minden musketeers are also just about completed.  Only the gaiter buttons (groan) and the standards with their poles and finials left to address now.  Watch here for a Kodak moment update or two in a few day's time.

-- Stokes


Robbie Rodiss said...

Nice job Stokes.

Pierre le Poilu said...

Nice cavalry - I really like the HE figures

Neil Moulden said...

The easiest way I have found to do buttons is with a wooden tooth pick. I find it much quicker than with a brush an leaves nice little round button shaped blobs.

johnpreece said...

They look like a good match to me, but what do I know.

The colours used were pelican plaka poster paints that I bought in the early eighties. I have no idea if they even make them now, but the hues were so intense and bright that I have never found a replacement to equal them. All dried up now though.

thanks for your kind comments

Si Bath said...

They look a really good match. I don't have any Holger Eriksson figures but I've always admired them. As for gaiter buttons, I am an idle painter and just don't bother. Shame on me I know...but what the hell!!
Best wishes,

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Well, normally I don't bother either with black gaiters, but someone had the bright idea of giving these fellows white this time (smacks forehead several times in frustration). Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

Best Regards,



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