29 February 2016

February 2016 Painting Challenge Results. . .

The not-quite-finished results of the February 2016 Painting Challenge.

Well, it looks suspiciously like I've run out of time this month, but I have managed to almost (almost) finish those 22 RSM95 and Minden infantry figures, who represent to Sachs-Coburg contingent of the Ernestine Saxon Regiment, which were part of the contribution of troops by the Upper Saxon Kreis to the Reischsarmee.  The flags still need to be colored, a tiny lick of white paint (to represent frilly shirt cuffs) needs to be added to the musket-armed men and drummer, and then the glossing can take place.  

Did not make it at all to that pledged group of five Suren ladies of ill repute in the midst of being saved by the Black Hussar Lutheran pastor during the last few weeks, but I am nevertheless relatively pleased with my progress.  I've celebrated by making an order with Litko for some laser cut 3mm play bases (no more cutting my own!) on which to mount these fine fellows along with the two previously finished companies and a third yet to be painted Saxon Duchy contingent, which is still in the painting queue.  The four contingents will form my last(???) 80-figure infantry regiment.

What next?  Well, nothing this evening sadly.  As luck would have it, I must continue reading for one of my courses this semester.  It's always tough staying just ahead of of one's students.

-- Stokes

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