09 January 2016

Sittangbad Efight to Resume. . .

 A particularly nice photograph by Greg Horne, taken from General MacDuff's side of the table with Eisenburg Village in the near distance and the larger Sittangbad in the background.

We received word from Greg this morning that he is home, and the game is afoot once again!  Ross (General MacDuff) and I (General von Tschatschke) will issue our orders for Move Six shortly before moving on to shooting and any melees that might occur.

-- Stokes

Here, you'll observe General von Tschatschke (in faded red, or perhaps pink at the lower right) and his army retreating through Sittangbad and across the River Weser.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...it is a wonderful thing when the 21st Century and the interweb enhances the Old School rather than detracts.. wonderful.. :o)

Chris Gregg said...

Good to see those old Airfix buildings (thatched cottage and black and white half timbered house), like we used to use in the sixties!

James Fisher, FINS said...

Great looking table Stokes. As Steve says, the classic 'toy soldier' look is perfect for 18th C games isn't it?


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