17 January 2016

Find the GD of S on Facebook!

Just a few of the Croats fighting for the Electorate of Zichenau, arch enemy to the Grand Duchy of Stollen. 

The Grand Duchy of Stollen is now on Facebook!  Find and like us there.  The terminally befuddled and out of touch Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II and his gentleman's personal gentleman Hives hope to see you soon.

-- Stokes


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nah... don't do Facebook... just not me.. :o)

warpaintjj said...

This is an interesting development. I keep wandering about using facebook or twitter or both to drive traffic to the blog or simply to alert people to posts, the truth is I'm not sure about it though. Good luck with it, hope it's fun and not a social media chore!
Fond regards


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