01 January 2016

A Sittangbad Refight Update: The Close of Move Four. . .

The situation from General MacDuff's lines looking toward Sittangbad and the River Weser beyond at the close of Move Four.

Happy New Year's once more to everyone, and let's have a look at how things stand just before orders are issued at the start of Move Five.  You can see that my light infantry just above the center of the photograph has been whittled away down to two plucky men, who somehow managed to survive their encounters with enemy cavalry and now are making for the hills across the River Weser.  

Meanwhile both MacDuff's hussars and my cuirassiers mixed it up in a cavalry melee, causing a few casualties on each side before fall back respectively to take account.  Otherwise, my rearmost two infantry units actually within Sittangbad continue filing across the bridge in the distance to relative safety on the far side of the river.

Finally, I have learned that there will be some rather special additions to the Grand Duchy of Stollen Collection before long.  I'll share the particulars once all of the details have been ironed out.  I can tell you, however, that I am giddy with excitement over this development.

-- Stokes

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