16 December 2015

Now that things are back on track. . .

A snowy pre-Christmas Market scene in Bolzano, Italy.  This is a part of the world I have yet to visit, but one day we will.  A few years ago, I tried repeatedly to convince the Grand Duchess to chuck it all and move lock, stock, and barrel to the city.  A place in the north of Italy where German is the second language with mountains (for her) and snow (for me), plus the cafe culture we both love, and at least two universities for employment possibilities.  And the opportunity to learn Italian on top of that.  What could be better?  My efforts thus far have been, sadly, for naught.

Let's finish the run up to Christmas this year with a few carefully chosen, quiet seasonal and Christmas-related pictures, a December tradition of long standing here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen.  The Grand Duchess informs me that her authentic Dresdner Stollen will be delayed by a bit this year given the interruption in our lives caused by the move to Michigan from Illinois last June, hanging around in space since then, and our just-this-Monday move into the new house finally.  However, with any luck at all, there might -- just might -- be a fresh stollen baked by the Grand Duchess (assisted by the Young Master) by Christmas Eve or during Christmas Week.

-- Stokes

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Si Bath said...

Sounds like you're settling in well. I bet the Grand Duchess' Dresdner Stollen will be particularly delicious this year.
Best regards,


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