27 December 2015

Move, um, Six?

 A close-up of one of General von Tschatschke's two forward cavalry regiments charging General MacDuff's infantry.

Currently awaiting the removal of musketry casualties and adjudication of hand-to-hand combat as well as the removal of a fresh Dresdner Stollen from the kitchen oven.

-- Stokes

A balloon shot in which we observe von Tschatschke's  three regiments of cavalry.  The right-hand unit has charged MacDuff's infantry, which reached Fickmuhlen Village first and ensconced itself at once.  The left-hand cavalry regiment has charged into contact  with another of MacDuff's infantry units just outside the village, while von Tschatschke's third regiment of cavalry remains in support.  

 Unfortunately, however, the left flank of General von Tschatschke's reserve cavalry is now dangerously exposed to possible artillery fire from General MacDuff's battery stationed atop the hill in the middle of the picture above.  In the foreground, you'll see MacDuff's sole regiment of cavalry, which could also pose problems for von Tschatschke's lone regiment of infantry. . .  assuming it is not torn to pieces by the crack battery of Stollenian artillery in the meantime!


Phil said...

The battle is hotting up! I recognise some of those brave figures!! Some of my old collection sent around the world to do service in Alzheim some years ago.

Michael Peterson said...

Mmmmm, fresh stollen. :)
Rumour has it that MacDuff's infantry are the famed "Bluenosers" - I am sure they will put up a hard fight.

Conrad Kinch said...

This is definitely moving along at a very satisfactory clip Stokes. Keep it up.


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