21 December 2015

More Seasonal Quiet. . .

A snowy, cold Christmas Market in the center of Bremen, Germany where I spent about a week as a young buck in the winter of 1986 and another week 23 years later in June of 2009 with the Grand Duchess.  I would happily return for longer if ever the opportunity were to present itself.

Quiet is underrated in 2015.  What a shame since being able to hear oneself think without distractions from traffic, people, or digital gizmos of one kind or another is fast becoming one of the joys of life for yours truly.

In other news, and speaking of digital gizmos, the Raid on Fickmuhlen (sp?) is about to begin via email between Greg Horne and myself.  My money is, naturally, on General von Tschatschke, but you never know.

-- Stokes

1 comment:

Fitz-Badger said...

Quiet is, and has always been, highly valued in my book. I even used to sneak off to the library when I was a kid for some quiet (and books!). But it is true that it often seems to be hard to come by in today's world. Thank goodness for "noise-cancelling" headphones (although "noise-dampening" would be more accurate).

Anyway, here's wishing you and yours plenty of peace and quiet this holiday season.

And good luck in the upcoming battle/game.


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