26 December 2015

Happy Feast of Stephen.. .

A cheery seasonal street scene from somewhere that caught my fancy when I saw it.

A clear, starry, moonlit Christmas night has given way to a frosty Boxing Day here at the new Stollen Central.  As I have written here in previous years, the calm of Christmas Week following the big day is always a welcome part of the holiday season, and we will continue enjoying the Christmas Festival today with quiet seasonal jazz, our usual mix of traditional German and English carols on CD (remember those?), and a family stroll in another nearby park or nature preserve this morning before more seasonal goodies and yet another fine meal prepared jointly by yours truly and the Grand Duchess.  

There is also the daydreaming about how I might paint the Minden SYW personality figures and Russian artillery given to me by the Grand Duchess for Christmas.  It's just the added impetus needed to get my painting gear set up on the new painting table.  And I have it on good authority that one of the Grand Duchess' authentic Dresdner stollens is in the cards.

In the meantime, I will enjoy a second mug off coffee this morning with sugar and cream, something I never do anymore, having made the move to black coffee several years ago.  However, its these kinds of small indulgences that make the Christmas period so delightful.  We are extremely fortunate, and I feel very lucky this morning.  "Happy Day After!" as my maternal grandfather used to say all of those years ago in snowy rural southeastern Pennsylvania. . .  and Happy Feast of Stephen from the three of us here at Totleigh-in-the-Wold!

-- Stokes

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