11 December 2015

Preparing for the Move. . .

A seasonally appropriate and very pretty, quiet winter photograph of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset (Great Britain) [Thank you, Simon!] that I found online somewhere.

Well Sir, we are in the home stretch and move into our new house on Monday.  My classes for the fall term finished yesterday, and I have spent the day here taking two carloads of clothing and various odds and ends we don't wish to repack into boxes over to the house and stowing them in bedroom and hall closets.  

Since yours truly will be working with the crew of movers come Monday while the Grand Duchess and Young Master are at work and school respectively, I've also spent some time spotting where the various larger pieces of furniture will go and measuring where my wife's eventual baby grand piano will go when we get around to making that addition.  Funny how several hours to oneself to get things done and think quietly without interruption eases and even cheers the spirit.  A good day all the way around I think.  

More of the same with Part II tomorrow, and Part III on Sunday.  The movers arrive at 8:30am Monday morning to do the heavy work, and we'll spend our first night in the house that evening.  The Grand Duchess and I have a date for a glass or two of wine by the working fireplace once the Young Master is in bed.

-- Stokes

T-minus Two Days and Counting (Saturday Morning Update). . .

Thank you for the good wishes, men!  Yes, as soon as we can in the next few days, we will hang a very pretty (although it is fake and we reuse it each year) red berry wreath inside somewhere prominent, and a real evergreen Christmas wreath on the front door outside.  Christmas trees to follow next Saturday once the ground floor (and the Young Master's bedroom) of Totleigh-in-the-Wold is in order.  Ok.  Enough wasting time.  I've got a car full of clothing and odds and ends to deliver, unload, and stow at the house.

-- Stokes


Si Bath said...

The picture is of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset. I used to live about four miles from Shaftesbury in a village called Donhead St.Mary, now I am about 15 miles away in Horningsham. Shaftesbury is an old market town of Anglo-Saxon Wessex. Unfortunately we have no snow, but we always hope for a white Christmas.

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Woohoo! Hope all goes well.

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

Congrats on the new digs, and I hope that the move goes smoothly. When Monday rolls around please leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Have you made any special provisions for your miniature soldier collection? When you have time, let us know how everything went.

All The Best,


tradgardmastare said...

All the very best for Monday and every happiness in your new home.

Phil said...

Good luck Stokes!
Monday will come and go in a flash... and you will soon be settled, at your painting desk again!
Best regards

Allan Tidmarsh said...

All the best for your house move on Monday


Si Bath said...

Completely missed the fact that you move in on Monday. Is the Grand Duchess going to put a wreath up to bring the house good luck. I know it's normally done in Germany when building a house, but you're building a new home.
I hope the move goes well. How great to be in your own home for Christmas.
Best regards,


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