22 December 2015

Christmas Coffee Blend. . .

Not one of ours, but we observed both cats lounging for quite some time yesterday evening beneath the larger of our two Christmas trees.  They seem to be very interested in the the aroma of the tree and in the spectacle of the white lights and glass ornaments.  Thus far, no attempts to make off with anything or climb up the tree.

Enjoying an early morning mug of Starbuck's (I know, I know) dark Christmas blend at the moment.  following a haircut for the Young Master and myself later this morning, I've got final grades to tally and enter for the semester just ended.  With any luck, that will be finished by supper, and then there are some gifts to wrap this evening.

The situation at the close of Move One.  That's General von Tschatschke heading to the local tavern for a refresher.

In the meantime, you can observe the situation after Move One in the Raid on Fickmuhlen currently being fought between Greg Horne and yours truly.  We are using Greg's collection of vintage Spencer Smiths and playing via email although Greg is sending me short digital video updates as well.  The game is a variation of Sawmill Village with both forces attempting to take and hold the village.  My troops are in the foreground with General von Tschatschke himself attempting to get a  table at the local tavern The Elector's Arms from where he can direct the battle while imbibing some of the local ale.  Shades of Inspector Morse you know.

-- Stokes


Conrad Kinch said...

Watch that Horne. He's a wily opponent.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ross MacFarlane has agreed to take the reins of the Alzheimer force, placing Greg solely in the umpire's seat. Should be an interesting ride. I do hope Mrs. Kinch has recovered from the attack if M-Isis last week.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

A the pleasure of the snug. The good General should watch out the ale and food don't get the better of him.

Si Bath said...

I look forward to the story unfolding. Great to see simple unfussy terrain (your Blog Stokes has inspired me to have the same approach)and also the old Airfix pub...haven't seen one of those for years!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Best regards,


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