19 December 2015

A Dusting of Snow comes to Totleigh-in-the-Wold. . .

Another quiet, seasonal photograph "borrowed" from somewhere on the web.  We will fetch in our own Christmas trees later this afternoon and decorate tomorrow.  Now where in the world are those tree stands and tiny white lights?

Cold winter weather has finally found its way to us here at Totleigh-in-the-Wold.  We've also had a dusting of snow in the night with more expected intermittently today.  The first (ground) floor of the house is just about pulled together, the cats have settled in, we've hung some of our own curtains on the second, and it is finally beginning to look like home (and Chirstmastime) around here.  

I've also slept the best I have in months for the last five (count 'em), five nights. . . Through the night, something that rarely happens anymore.  And if I rouse briefly, I am able to return to sleep within minutes.  Funny what an almost total absence of noise will do for you. We should have moved out here to the country years ago!

At any rate, the Grand Duchess left with her full academic regalia a short while ago.  She, as chair of her department, must attend the December graduation ceremony that lasts about three hours today (better her than me).  Meanwhile, it's just the boys and the cats in her absence.  I'll make the Young Master breakfast in a little while, and then get to work finding the Christmas tree stands and lights.  Yep, we are heading down the road late this afternoon to find our trees for 2015, which we'll decorate on Sunday (tomorrow).  Hopefully, we will not have an incident, involving rodents and Christmas trees, like the one reported at neighboring Kinch Towers!  We'll also hang a few other key items like the birch Swedish Advent star that I purchased for the Grand Duchess before our very first Christmas spent together back in 2005. 

On the toy soldierly front, I am happy to report, that I spent the day yesterday unpacking and arranging everything in the Young Master Paul's room.  It has been a difficult year for him, and I wanted to get his new space all settled and unpacked well in advance of the big day.  One of the first things I came across were the collection of nine or ten Britains toy soldiers that were Christmas presents to our son from me during his first few years.  These are now arrayed in a couple of ranks on one of his built-in shelves.  He was awake early this morning, playing quite happily in his room with one of his favorite classical CDs on his portable player.  Vladimir Horowitz I think it was.  His musical tastes are eclectic though.  YMP also enjoys The Beatles and a variety of vocal and instrumental jazz.

Hmm.  Our first quiet weekend in the new house with just under a week until Christmas Day and an Episcopal church just five minutes away.  Balance seems to be creeping back into our lives, and I'm actually beginning to feel a bit festive.  Jolly even.

-- Stokes


A.W. KITCHEN said...

Glad to hear things are getting back to normality , Tony

MSFoy said...

I'll give you five to four the tree lights don't work after the house move...

Where are the spare bulbs?

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Stokes!

Si Bath said...

Good to hear that the house is becoming home.

Our Christmas tree went up yesterday (19 Dec) as it always does as it's the day after our youngest sons birthday, although he's 22 now! Mrs M has decorated it today (20 Dec). No snow or even a dusting sadly, that said I am just beginning to feel Christmasy, but will really feel it when all three boys, hah young men, are home by Christmas Eve.

Best regards,



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