24 March 2015

BIG Changes Underway at the Grand Duchy of Stollen. . .

"Well, Sir," as my maternal grandmother used to begin the occasional statement, good fortune has smiled on us again here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen.  Thanks to lots of hard work and crossed fingers, not only has the Grand Duchess been offered a plum position at a Big Ten University, but they have also offered yours truly a full-time lecturer appointment, which seals the deal.   Generous compensation, moving allowance, excellent schools for the Young Master, further opportunities for professional development, more interesting service possibilities, and so on, and so forth.  The kind of opportunity that does not come around very often you might say.

We will sell up, pack up, and leave our digs of the last seven years here in Central Illinois (where the Grand Duchess has been since 2001) come mid-June for snowier environs (and much better skiing conditions) in East Lansing Michigan where we'll both join the faculty of  Michigan State University -- following a teaching stint in Berlin at the Free University this summer for the Grand Duchess -- in mid-August. 

Lots to think about and take care of before then, however, including the current batch of Minden pioneers, but we are pleased as punch and terribly excited.  Giddy even, which is something to chuckle about given my sometimes rather dark Scandinavian soul.  Even I see the humor here.

That same giddiness is a good thing too.  It is daunting when we settle down for a moment, and then realize that an entire house will have to be packed up in about 2.5 months, movers arranged, the house put on the market, another one found at the other end, etc., etc., etc.  In the meantime, to the painting table!!!

-- Stokes

Special thanks to Paul Robinson in the U.K. for his kind and encouraging words yesterday.  You were correct, Paul.  It sorted itself out.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Congratulations to the Grand Duchess, the Grand Duke and the Erbprinz for the new college positions! That is a nice step up to Michigan State.

I don't think that East Lansing gets that much more snow than Central Illinois, but you will be closer to the ski runs in Northern Michigan.

I'm excited for all of you. let the adventure begin.


Peter Douglas said...

Congrats to both of you! Good luck with the move.
Cheers, PD

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Congratulations! Exciting if possibly interesting times ahead.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

My very best wishes to you, the Grand Duchess and the Young Master for a wonderfully successful transfer.

Hmmm, the "mascot" of MSU is, I believe, the SPARTANS . . . so perhaps you will dangle your feet into some classic Greek figure painting, eh?

-- Jeff

Prufrock said...

What a great opportunity! Congratulations, and all the best for the big move.

Steve Gill said...

Many congratulations and best wishes.

It's over 20 years since we last moved house, but I recall that I transported the model soldiers myself in my own car; didn't trust the removal men with them :-)

tradgardmastare said...

Very best wishes to you all in the coming move and congratulations!

Andy McMaster said...

Congratulations! I don't envy you the packing! :)


joppy said...

Many congratulations to you both. I hope you will be very contented 'up north'.

Paul Robinson said...

Congratulations Stokes - now if only I could predict my lottery numbers with such certainty! So you'll become a Spartan then?

TamsinP said...

Congrats to you both on your new positions :)

Here's to a stress-free move to Michigan :)

Gallia said...

Congratulations for your family!
An exciting change and less hot and methinks reduced awkward weather,
Cheers for you all,

Si Bath said...

I am way behind everyone else, but very many congratulations on your new positions and the very best of luck to you and Mrs Stokes for the move and the future.

Enjoy your adventure.

Best wishes,


Matt said...

I believe congratulations are in order!

guy said...

I'm also late to this one as well. V many congratulations to you both. I look forward to reading more about this new university and your life there. Hopefully you will have room for the troops in your new house.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear Heinz Ulrich,

It was most distressing to learn that the first note of congratulations was devoured by that beast called The Internet. Specifically, right after composing my note and sending it, some source on the internet indicated that your blog entry did not exist! And, of course, gone was my first note.

The content of that missive was simple - Great Congratulations to you and the Grand Duchess on the occasion of your new appointments. May everything go well and may your future jobs be filled with professional satisfaction. I join all of your friends in wishing you well in resolving any small problems like getting a new residence, finding a good educational setting for your son, and selling the old Ducal Residence.

Many good wishes,

Gerardus Magnus
Archbishop Emeritus

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Congratulations on the new jobs. Good luck with the move.

-- Allan


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