16 January 2015

Kurmainz Grenadier Company Officer and Drummer Done. . .

All ready for shiny acrylic gloss and basing in the next couple of days.

Not my best painting by any stretch, but they're done and just waiting for the final couple of steps.  Sadly, I've got a four-hour professional development seminar of teaching research and writing to undergrads on campus tomorrow morning, so that will delay everything else by a few hours.  And we just learned today that the wife of a neighbor couple we a close to has had her Cancer return, and it has spread throughout her system -- not the kind of news anyone wants -- so we might spend some time with them tomorrow afternoon, and see if there is anything we can do to assist.  Suddenly, toy soldiers seem rather less important.

-- Stokes


CelticCurmudgeon said...

My Dear heinz-Ulrich, Salutations,

Nothing can be said that eases the difficulty of such moments. Your friends will need your friendship and assistance throughout this ordeal. The occasional prepared meal, perhaps assistance getting back and forth to the oncologist, but most of all understanding friendship which listens when they relate what is happening - these are the things you can offer and provide.

You have heard me make mention of Karen on the Daisy discussion group. She is recovering from a two year battle with breast cancer and those things I mentioned were given to us by friends and family. They helped us get through this most trying time.

My prayers and commiserations are with you and your friends.

One thing, you may find some solace in being able to occasionally retreat to the shelter of the painting table. While not important at all in the real world, you might need a small break from time to time.

Gerardus Magnus (Jerry)
Archbishop Emeritus

Allan Tidmarsh said...


Great work, the grenadier company looks ready for action.

-- Allan


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