31 January 2015

Facing Tedium. . .

Here is where things stand after a Friday evening painting session (Session #5), another on Saturday afternoon (Session #6), and third on Saturday evening (Session #7).  Still a way to go, especially with the drummer, who lags a bit behind the other 19 figures in the batch.

The title says it all, but I managed to get through the red parts and most of the white parts on these Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach musketeers during the last couple of days.  Whew!  I might be able to finish them tomorrow, but if we get the snowfall predicted, I am afraid cross-country skiing with the Young Master and Grand Duchess will trump figure painting.  We don't get enough snow as far as I am concerned in our neck of the woods, so I've got to enjoy it when it comes.  We'll see what, if anything, actually falls in the night.  

Still, I must admit that I think these are some of the most attractive uniforms I've ever painted.  All primary red, blue, and yellow save for the white, black, green, and flesh parts, and the various colors used do indeed seem to blend together nicely.  Of course, it helps when the figures are as nicely proportioned as these Steve Hezzlewood designed RSM95, nee Pax Brittanica, miniatures. 

Next up, white lining on the hat edges, white hat tassels, hair/wigs, and a few touch-ups.  Then, before concentrating on the drummer, I'll call the rest of them done, gloss 'em, and begin the next batch of 20 in an evening or two.

-- Stokes 

The Grand Duchess and Young Master (plus Dad) enjoy a little Sunday afternoon cross-country skiing as the snow flies.  February 01, 2015.


Bluebear Jeff said...

They are looking very good, Stokes.

-- Jeff

Pierre le Poilu said...

Nice looking figures - I think I'll pinch that colour scheme for one of my units.

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Keep plugging away - they're coming along nicely.

Things do get a bit tedious at times, I'm working on a small batch of wall sections, struggling to get them done

-- Allan

Si Bath said...

Hi Stokes,
They are looking good. I agree with you about the uniforms and their primary colours - very smart. I must admit I don't do drummers with my battalions; instead I will paint them as a Corps of Drums one day.
Best regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for your kind words, men! We've got snow! So the three of us are off to ski a local park midday. Hurrah!

Best Regards,


Matt said...

They are looking very good indeed. They will be worth the effort. Hezzlewood figures really are gems. I only wish there was a UK supplier as the import taxes to the UK are crippling.

Hope you enjoyed the snow!

Paul Robinson said...

that's why I do small batches. Love the Lace Wars - hate the lace!
Terrific looking figures though.

Michael Peterson said...

I have the same struggle sometimes with the 18th C of painting the same thing over and over again. Fortunately I can sometimes enter a zen like space and it soon becomes rewarding to see the results, as I am sure it must be for you and that splendid regiment taking shape.
An idyllic winter seen in the second picture, I am sure the Young Master will soon be ready for an apprenticeship commanding the Duchy's ski troops.
Best, MP


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