01 January 2015

2015 Starts with a Bang. . .

The current batch of figures underway.

Managed to snatch about two hours yesterday evening -- New Year's Eve here -- for some early painting of the first 23 figures of the monster composite regiment. When you have a small child, and your usual babysitters (female students) are away for Christmas Break, it's difficult to make plans.  However, the Grand Duchess and I opened a bottle of sparkling wine just before Midnight and drank most of it before hitting the hay an hour later.  Funny.  I can vividly recall staying out all night a few times during the first half of my 20s when it came to New Year's Eve celebrations.

 The wonderful old Knoetel illustration (the Kurmainz grenadier at far left) on which I'm basing the RSM95 Austrian grenadiers above at far left.

Anyway, the figures currently under the brush above will be painted, more or less, as grenadiers from Kurmainz by the way, so white coats, straw breeches, green facings, turnbacks, and waistcoats with black bearskins that have green bags.  I've opted to use the usual Sap Green from the Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil range since it is a very pleasant, somewhat muted green once thinned with Liquin Original.

The most exciting painting last night involved applying a thin wash of green latex paint -- the same color used for my tabletop actually -- to the figure bases.  The gray undercoats on the shoes/gaiters, bearskins/hats, and cartridge pouches went so easily, that I decided to go on to the bases before calling it a night here in Zum Stollenkeller at 10pm.  

This evening after supper and the Young Master's bedtime, it will be onto applying thinned alkyd oil fleshtone to faces and hands and a wash of thinned Alkyd oil Ivory Black over the gray items painted last night.  And maybe either an acrylic tan undercoat to the coats. . .   or thinned alkyd oil Yellow Ochre to the breeches.  The latter makes a nice tan-straw color over a white basecoat when thinned enough with the Liquin.  If things go rapidly, I might even attempt to do both.  We'll see.  

Yes, indeed.  Right now at least, it seems 2015 is off to a promising start.  Happy New Year everyone!

-- Stokes


A.W. KITCHEN said...

A Happy New Year to you and yours, Tony

Si Bath said...

Like you I have started a new regiment; the British 4th Horse later 7th Dragoon Guards. First cavalry regiment I have painted in ages.

Happy New Year to all Stollenians.


Scheck said...

It seems, in the Palace of the Grand Duchy was a calm evening on the eve to 2015 - same here, in Bavaria!
My 2015 starts with a new rule set done by my own and some terrain elements for the tabletop.
I wish you, the Duchesse and the young master all the best in this new year.
Very happy to read more of your painting manufacture!!

Gallia said...

Mein Lieber Stokes,
Your idea for this battalion is very compelling. Best wishes for enjoyment and satisfaction during the entire happy process.
Bill P.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Thank you for the New Year's wishes and encouraging comments, everyone! So far, so good, and I'm enjoying working through this first batch of figures. Remind me of that by the time I get to the final 20 or so.

Best Regards,



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